The ShiShio Fanclub March!
sung to the tune of "The Mickey Mouse Club March"
By: Danielle

Who's the one who'll kill us all
with his Kuni Tori?

ShiShio! ShiShio!
*ShiShio yells*
"Yo, dont f**k with me!"

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!
He's as wrapped as he can be.

ShiShio! ShiShio!
No, its no TP....

*little dorky guy*
(He's so tough!)
(That's enough!)
*cuts dorky guy down*
Forever let him wave katana's high high high!

*SD ShiShio pops up in front of the camera and waves*

You are weak and he is strong
Look out! He'll bite you! OWWW!!

ShiShio! ShiShio!
Everybody now!!

*everyone starts chanting*

ShiShio-san, ShiShio-san
He'll have fun he'll slash new faces
He'll kill things and blow up places
All around Japan he's marching....

*nifty instrumental/drum-march type thing*

Who's the one who'll kill us all
And take over Japan?

ShiShio! ShiShio!
*ShiShio proudly proclaims*
I am so the man!


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