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The Angry ISBN Archive
Crucial info for ordering manga

Anime News Network

All news, all the time - for the anime world at least

Anime on DVD
Reviews, commentary, contests, forums, etc. Not just for DVD owners

Anime Tourist
A guide to the anime world

Anime Web Essays Archive
Musings on anime from academia and the press to fandom

Astronomy in Japan
Excellent resource on Japanese astronomical science, history and culture

Fruits Basket
One of my current favorite series ^_^

Kunihiko Ikuhara's (creator of Shoujo Kakumei Utena) website

Let It Burn
A Rurouni Kenshin site

Manga Magazines Guide
Data on magazines

Largest anime convention on the East Coast

Ribon Zen-in How-to
instructions on sending in for goodies from Ribon Magazine (the procedure may be applicable to other magazines as well)

Convention for girls' and women's anime and manga

Shoujo Manga in the US
What's been and what will be released

Tulip Garden
All about the series Legend of the New Snow White Princess Pretear
Everything Utena

Yami no Matsuei
Manga summaries, anime and CD info



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