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Heroes Compiler & Assembler 0X Villains
  • Compiler
  • Nachi
  • Interpreter
  • Assembler
  • Toshi
  • Plasma
  • Megumi
  • Bios
  • Sasaki
  • Mama Igarashi
  • Directory
  • White Compiler
  • Papa Igarashi
  • Compiler, a Routine, "the Electric Devil" Compiler

    A fierce warrior from the Electro-Dimension, Compiler (aka. Black Compiler) enjoys fishing, gambling, drinking, and above all else, winning. Her stubbornness and begrudging loyalty to her new family keep her neck-deep in wacky adventures. She is kept free of the peril of mortal boredom by her free-wheeling, charismatic Partner, Nachi.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Matsui Naoko

    Assembler, a Routine, "the Electric Angel" Assembler

    Equal and opposite to Compiler, Assembler is a clever and determined young woman. In the Game she is Compiler's opponent, but in exile becomes more like a little sister to the older Routine. Her strange love for her Partner, Toshi, and her bitter rivalry with Megumi cause some pretty devious schemes of Ranma-esque proportions.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Mizutani Yuko

    Nachi Igarashi, a computer programmer Nachi

    The elder of the Igarashi brothers, Compiler's Partner Nachi despises routine and the workaday life, craving instead wine, women, and song. Street racing, gambling, and drinking are passions he shares with Compiler, and through his quest for the high life he gives her life constant challenge and a new purpose.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Yamadera Kouichi

    Toshi Igarashi, a high school student Toshi

    The younger of the Igarashi brothers, Assembler's Partner Toshi despises fast times and adventures, craving instead normalcy and steady living. Quite the opposite of his brother, Toshi is always thoughtful and considerate and is shy and nervous around women. These "nice-guy" qualities make him absolutely irresistable to his two would-be girlfriends, Megumi and Assembler.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Sasaki Nozomu

    Interpreter, a Routine with secrets Interpreter

    A mysterious woman of quick wit and sharp insight, Interpreter occasionally helps out Compiler's crew with gadgets and information. Her high level of access to such things is as yet unexplained, but it's possible that she has a connection to the High Council of the Electro-Dimension.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Kawamura Maria

    Megumi Tendouji, an heiress of determination Megumi

    Childhood friend and cousin to Toshi, Megumi refers to Toshi as "my fiancÚ" and refers to Assembler as "that woman who lives with my fiancÚ". In the beginning, she brings to bear the full resources of her family's zaibatsu in her quest to destroy Assembler. After having to rebuild a section of the city, though, she decides on a more traditional approach to gain Toshi's favor and rid the world of her rival.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Hayashibara Megumi

    Bios, a Routine (aka. Bios High Grade) Bios

    One of the assassins sent to destroy Compiler and Assembler for their disloyalty, Bios is the more dominant and vocal of the pair. He concocts very silly, very maniacal plots to accomplish that task, which as a rule, are completely absurd and only grow more outrageous. His feelings for his partner Directory range generally from impatience to fierce loyalty, but he gets very pissed off when anybody suggests that they're more than just friends.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Horiuchi Kenyuu

    Directory, a Routine (aka. Directory Extra) Directory

    The second of the assassins sent to destroy Compiler and Assembler for their disloyalty, Directory is the more submissive of the pair. His bizarre questions interrupt Bios' speeches, which usually leads to a lover's quarrel of some sort. With a child's capacity for perserverance, Bios supports his partner in their schemes of destruction but doesn't always get it quite right. Their "big dog-little dog" relationship is funnier than the twisted partnership of Compiler and Nachi.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Furuta Nobuyuki

    Sasaki, a (former) yakuza man Sasaki

    This poor fellow is so terribly abused from his repeated encounters with Compiler-gumi that he finally gives up and joins them. In every aspect of his life, they appear and cause major destruction, from an innocent trip to the beach to his midnight street races. Even after he quits the gangster life and tries to become a legitimate businessman, human-type Assembler arrives on his doorstep.

    White Compiler, a Routine with attitude

    In the manga, White Compiler was the prototype from which Black Compiler was made, back in the Electro-Dimension. White Compiler was originally assigned to play the Game, but an ambitious Black Compiler attacked her predecessor and dumped the unconscious body. Full of vengeance, White C. comes to Earth to destroy (Black) Compiler and complete the Game. After a climactic Heroes v. Villains baseball game, White Compiler spends perpetuity as a loud, obnoxious voice in the back of Black Compiler's mind. In the OAV, White C. is the newer, advanced version, and (Black) Compiler is the prototype. They have a more titanic, knockdown fight, but the result is the same.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Tamagawa Sakiko

    Plasma, a Routine, the "Lightning Princess" Plasma

    A very powerful spoiled brat who tends to aggravate and intimidate the other Routines. She arrives in full regalia during a storm and before all's said and done, she's trashed the Igarashi house, had a 'Nachi-original' haircut, and set her lustful sights on a bewildered Toshi.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Honda Chieko

    Doki Igarashi, a techno-phile and lecherous toy maker Papa Igarashi

    Adding to a long history of disastrous visits, Papa Igarashi sends a killer Megadyne "toy prototype" robot in his image to play with Nachi & Toshi. Meanwhile, he accosts a sloshed, hung-over Compiler and forces his drooling, lustful attentions on her. Papa manages somehow to live through the encounter, so he might just come back someday.

    Hanako Kimonin, a tough-minded businesswoman Mama Igarashi

    Playing 'Mama' to Toshi's 'mama's boy', Mama Igarashi goes by her maiden name and tries to ignore all reminders of her (ex-?) husband. This would seem to include their children, but because of his gentle manner, she acknowledges Toshi as her only true son, while Nachi is left in the bitter cold of a mother's misplaced hatred. Unlike some rich mothers (Doumyouji Kaede from Hana yori Dango, for instance :) she wholly supports the budding relationship between Toshi and Assembler, despite knowing nothing about the girl's background. Most likely Hanako sees Assembler as a domesticating influence on Toshi to counteract Nachi's impulsive lifestyle. She comes up with some strange, determined ways to force an engagement between the pair, all of which are eagerly pursued by Assembler.

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