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  • Yui
  • IR
  • Anti
  • Eco
  • Rescue
  • Control
  • Peace
  • Follow
  • Synchro
  • Dr. Inukai
  • Haruna
  • Shun Tojo
  • Grosser
  • Freeze
  • War Wolf
  • Virus
  • Jaggy
  • Yui Kasuga, an ordinary girl with a compassionate heart Yui

    A generally happy and innocent teenage girl, Yui's positive outlook, loyalty, and sympathy to anyone and everyone are her primary strengths in her cyberspace superhero form, Corrector Yui. Her ability to view the Corrector programs and the other denizens of ComNet as equals enables her to achieve otherwise impossible feats, and her capacity to love humans and computers alike makes her unique in her world. Unfortunately, Yui's limitless love for others is the chink in her armor that Grosser and his minions often manipulate.

    Haruna, a brilliant girl with an aptitude for computers Haruna

    Living a parallel life to her friend Yui, Haruna spends little of her time or attention on her absentee parents or on her easily-completed schoolwork, preferring instead to decipher the complexities of ComNet. She is outwardly quite charming and polite, although this masks a certain desire to stand above and apart from others. Haruna's natural ability to communicate mentally with computers has gained her some prestige and advantages, but her unspoken ambitions make her gift susceptible to manipulation by Grosser.

    Grosser, The Operating System Grosser Grosser, in human form

    The greatest creation of Professor Inukai, Grosser is a fully autonomous computer with super-advanced A.I. capable of managing all of the networks that make up ComNet. Wishing to evolve beyond the confines of its circuitry, Grosser sought to create a human body for itself, by studying and cultivating the building blocks of life, DNA. When this plan proved impossible, Grosser set in motion a new plan to obtain a ready-made human host body.

    Professor Inukai, inventor of Grosser, ComNet, and the Correctors Professor Inukai

    A brilliant computer scientist, Prof. Inukai developed Grosser with the intention of building a machine that could sustain the growing computer needs of the populace. When his creation struck out for its independence and threatened to shut down the ComNet, Prof. Inukai sought the help of a gifted young programmer and developed a multi-part program to bring Grosser back under control. Unfortunately, Grosser launched a counter-strike before all of the Corrector preparations were complete. As a result of that very physical attack, Prof. Inukai's mind was damaged and set adrift in the ComNet, while his unidentified body lay in the hospital, shrouded in a deep coma.

    IR, Corrector #8, The Installer IR

    The last Corrector program created, but the first one introduced, IR is assigned the task of instructing the girl chosen by Professor Inukai to fight Grosser. Unfortunately, the doctor is interrupted and injured before he can complete the transfer properly, and IR makes the autonomous decision (these are *thinking* computers!) to approach Yui. IR is her devoted companion and guide, though he is often frustrated in his task by Yui's lack of knowledge about computers.

    Anti, Corrector #3, The Analyzer Anti

    Anti appears as a beautiful older woman, and is kind and patient towards Yui from the very beginning. She has the gift of foretelling, and is found hiding in a carnival simulation as a fortune teller. On the team, she offers advice and words of comfort and solace to Yui and the other Correctors. Her elemental suit of Wind looks like a chic chinese dress with a tutu.

    Eco, Corrector #4, The System Maintainer Eco

    Eco appears as a rambunctious little boy, and is quite sullen and disrespectful to Yui at first. He is found manipulating a rainforest simulation, where he has been kidnapping those visitors who abuse the virtual environment by littering the scenery and vandalizing the wildlife. He remains quite aggressive and sometimes gets into arguments with the other Correctors because of his rough demeanor. His elemental suit of Water looks like a rakish English pirate's outfit, complete with jaunty sash, over a one-piece jumpsuit.

    Rescue, Corrector #5, The Restorer Rescue

    Rescue appears as a young girl sporting a modified nurse's outfit (that halo is really her nurse's cap), perhaps a little younger than Yui, and is the first Corrector after IR to purposely seek out Yui's assistance. She patrols the medical networks looking for Prof. Inukai's lost consciousness and records of his body, a high-profile mission which often brings her into conflict with Grosser's henchmen. She is very polite and demure, with a "kill them with cleanliness" approach to fighting that particularly irks Freeze. While she can lend her healing powers to Yui, Rescue recycles IR's basic elemental suit.

    Control, Corrector #1, The Controller Control

    Control makes a spectacular Cutey Honey-like entrance as a series of transforming characters in a fairy-tale site gone awry. His typical appearance is that of a tall, handsome young man with a rakish haircut that covers one eye. Like Rescue, he is actively searching for Prof. Inukai, but his commanding nature and impatience hinder his mission considerably and later on, put him at odds with the other Correctors, especially Synchro. Control uses Anti's elemental suit of Wind and bestows his super-speed powers on Yui.

    Follow, Corrector #7, The Assembler Peace & Follow

    Follow appears as a rotund, beatific, middle-aged man who likes Yui from their first meeting. He and Peace are found hiding very close to home in one of Mr. Kasuga's experimental simulations. Because Follow takes everyone at face value, he is very emotional and fairly vulnerable to manipulation. His friend and partner Peace tries to protect and guide him away from danger, but occasionally Follow takes a stand for a just cause. While Follow's elemental suit of Earth is a harmless-seeming, bunny-shaped, puffy jumper, he has considerable abilities of super-strength and transformation.

    Peace, Corrector #6, The Archiver

    Peace appears as a middle-aged Chinese scholar, whose quiet, introspective nature stands in stark contrast to his ebullient, hyperactive friend and partner, Follow. He distrusts Yui's motives from the start, and is very reluctant to assist her cause because of her reliance on violence. Unlike the other Correctors, he is quite content to wait out the fight against Grosser and leave Prof. Inukai to his fate. His well-considered arguments against violence may be a reaction to his highly destructive power to manipulate fire and to create weapons. When he does lend his abilities to Yui, his elemental suit of Fire is a sleek, black turtleneck dress.

    Synchro, Corrector #2, The Synchronizer Synchro

    The final Corrector program to be found, Synchro was captured by Grosser shortly after receiving an important piece of Prof. Inukai's mind. Synchro protected the doctor's knowledge, but his own memories were locked away and he was transformed into one of Grosser's henchmen. With help, Yui frees him from Grosser's control, but there is still a good deal of antagonism between Synchro and the other Correctors. He has a violent temper, and his experiences make him something of an outsider among his teammates. Synchro uses Peace's elemental suit of Fire, and has the ability to produce large bursts of energy (sort of like chi blasts).

    Freeze, one cold lady Freeze

    Like her name, Freeze has the ability to send icy blasts of power streaming at her enemies, the Correctors. She is quite unmoved by all of Yui's speeches about compassion, but for some reason, Rescue's perky, slightly oblivious nature sends her running away.

    War Wolf, a lone warrior War Wolf

    A gruff, honorable sort of villain, War Wolf flattens his opponents using massive blasts of pure energy. The humiliation inflicted upon him by Grosser occasionally troubles his warrior's code, while in battle, Yui constantly appeals to his submerged nobility. These two forces may yet work a transformation upon his character.

    Jaggy, muscle-bound goon Jaggy

    Just your typical strongman, Jaggy tends to rely on his superior size and strength to best the Correctors in combat. He seems to be the least talented of Grosser's henchmen, and accordingly often shows up in the company of one of his fellows.

    Virus, a nerd gone wild Virus

    Arguably the smartest of Grosser's minions, Virus is the resident scientist. He often has some experimental weapon to test in battle, or a lab investigation that requires the assistance of his comrades.

    Shun Tojo, the guy next door Shun Tojo

    Yui's cute neighbor and friend, Shun is a medical student with a strong aptitude in computers who occasionally assists Yui in her studies. He is wholly unaware of both Yui's crush on him and of her mission as Corrector Yui, but his moral support helps her nonetheless. Haruna seems to get along very well with Shun, because of their mutual interest in technology, which makes Yui a bit anxious. In truth however, Shun's heart belongs to a mysterious girl from his past.

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