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Dark Angel
Suzaku's Seiryuu's Byakko's Genbu's
  • Dark
  • Kyou
  • Sou-sama
  • Kou
  • Ryou
  • Kin
  • Leen
  • Shiki
  • Mei-sama
  • Ran
  • Nie
  • Tou
  • Chao
  • You
  • Gan
  • Kei
  • Shou
  • Bii
  • Sei
  • Sou
  • Gou
  • En
  • Sekka
  • Defenders of Suzaku, the Red Phoenix of the South
    Dark, the new Phantom Saint of Suzaku Dark

    Born of the people beyond the Four Kingdoms, Dark was raised as a warrior-priest of Suzaku by Sou-sama. Compassion and a devotion to justice, however costly, are Dark's most noble attributes, followed closely by loyalty, honesty, and an open mind. As fighters go, he's not great, but luckily for him, he can reason his way through most conflicts. When that fails, and Dark has reached his limits, an arrogant, aggressive persona kicks in, who can somehow take full advantage of Dark's dormant sorcerous abilities.

    Kyou, winged Spirit Guide of Suzaku, Dark's best friend Kyou

    Born of the tiny, pixie-like folk who can become spirit guides, Kyou takes her responsibilities seriously, even if she does treat Dark like a headstrong, beloved younger brother. Apparently, she had served Sou-sama for only a short while, but before that, she had made friends and enemies among the pixie-folk. Sekka of Hokuteki is Kyou's friend and ally, and comes to her aid when necessary. By contrast, Bii of Seijuu blames Kyou for the violent death of her brother, who may have been Kyou's lover. Kyou can be either gentle and forgiving or fiercely defensive, whichever is called for in her service to Dark.

    Sou-sama, deceased Phantom Saint, Dark's mentor and teacher Sou-sama

    A beloved and respected leader by both his own people and outsiders, Sou-sama maintained the kingdom of Nanban for many years before willingly giving up his position to Dark. In life, he had rare friendships among the defenders of Toi, including the Phantom Saint of Seiryuu, and Chao, his student and lover. In death, he seems to have merged with the spirit of Suzaku itself, protecting Dark and Nanban from the realm of the spirits. Mysteriously, his exact reasons for choosing this particular time to die have never been revealed.

    Kou, Warrior-Priest of Suzaku, windmaster Kou

    A relaxed observer among the defenders of Nanban, Kou will fight hard to protect their kingdom and to protect Dark. However, he has concerns about the suitability of young Dark to lead them when it is so obvious, at times, that the boy is ill-prepared. He patrols the kingdom with his more excitable partner Ryou.

    Ryou, Warrior-Priest of Suzaku, blademaster Ryou

    More tense than his friend and partner, Kou, Ryou analyzes every event he comes across to identify any potential threats to Nanban. Like Kou, he also has doubts as to Dark's suitability to become Phantom Saint, but chooses to stand behind the boy out of respect for Sou-sama's wisdom.

    Kin, Warrior-Priest of Suzaku, forger of weapons and ideals

    Living hermit-like in a large residence near western Nanban, Kin is a pacifistic armorer. Wars and conflict have taken their toll on him, and when Dark appears on his doorstep requesting a sword, Kin does his best to make sure that this boy is up to the burden. In fact, Kin hopes that Dark can continue Sou-sama's goal to build a peaceful land, although he fears that Dark's bloodthirsty soul may make that impossible.

    Defenders of Seiryuu, the Blue Dragon of the East
    Leen, the current Phantom Saint of Seiryuu Leen

    Only recently gaining the mantle of the Phantom Saint, Leen still feels that she must prove her worth to her former comrades. She is generally cool and rational, rarely permitting her emotions to guide her decisions. Her intellect and growing power earn the respect and loyalty of her people, even as she gains the hard-won life experience necessary for success. As a measure of her awareness of the exalted position she holds, she reluctantly permits her warriors to fight on her behalf, yet willingly puts her life on the line against powerful would-be invaders.

    Shiki, Spirit Guide of Seiryuu Shiki

    Trusted servant of the East kingdom of Tou, Shiki is Leen's diminutive Spirit Guide. She is abroad, searching for the long-lost Orb of Gold on behalf of her master. Remarkably out of character, she demonstrates a phenomenal capacity for destruction during the rebellion against Leen.

    Mei-sama, deceased Phantom Saint of Seiryuu

    Mentor to all who currently defend the kingdom of Tou, Mei-sama was a revered and beloved leader. The circumstances of his death are unknown, but he made his choice of successor well-known, so it is possible he fought Leen in staged combat to precipitate the change of power. In happier times, he was a close friend and ally to Sou-sama of the South kingdom and often permitted Sou-sama to cross the border to visit him.

    Ran, Warrior-Priest of Seiryuu, telepath Ran

    An advisor and caretaker of the Phantom Saint of Seiryuu, Ran is Leen's devoted friend and loyal follower. She is nicknamed the White Dragon, and is fiercely loyal to her people. Her high intellect and telepathic abilities would make her Leen's rival, were it not for their strong friendship.

    Nie, former Warrior-Priest of Seiryuu, sorceress Nie

    The only known warrior to refuse her position, Nie was highly insulted when her master and lover, Mei, chose Leen to be his successor as Phantom Saint. Nie's powers and skill at forming strategies would have made her a valuable addition to Leen's council, but her ambition and pride pushed her to seek vengeance. Nie is also known as the Black Dragon, and she is a fierce combatant.

    Tou, Warrior-Priest of Seiryuu, water-blade master

    Tou of Tachi-uo is the first actual combatant that Dark meets on the road. Tou uses a nifty pair of finger guards that, through his magic, become vicious flexible blades, or whips, of water. They are almost as fast as thought and sharp enough to slice through rock like butter. Dark has to do some quick acrobatics to avoid getting caught by the unusual, though powerful, weapon.

    Chao, Warrior-Priest of Seiryuu, windmaster Chao

    Although she serves Leen, Chao of Yamane trained as Sou-sama's student during his frequent journeys to visit the East kingdom. Not surprisingly, perhaps, she became his lover at that time, and was greatly disturbed by news of his death. Her enmity towards Dark is entirely personal and has little to do with her duties as a warrior of Seiryuu. Only by recognizing Sou-sama's aura around his pupil, Dark, was Chao able to forgive her lover's killer.

    You, Warrior-Priest of Seiryuu, weather-controller You

    Dressed in a long, dragon-embroidered coat, You of Shoku-ryuu works his magic over the waters of the skies, manipulating the weather to his will. He can cover an area with dark clouds to bring on the semblance of night, and uses this rather dramatic effect to distract Leen during the rebellion.

    Gan, Warrior-Priest of Seiryuu, giant & quarterstaff wielder

    Unusually large even for this series, Gan's great size and strength make him the perfect one to ambush Leen during her quest for the Orb of Gold. Although burliness can often be a hindrance when fighting, Gan puts it to good use in his protracted fight with Leen's loyal protector, Ran.

    Kei, Warrior-Priest of Seiryuu, watermaster

    Blessed with the power to control water like all good warriors of Seiryuu, Kei of Ou-ryuu is a short, slight young woman. But of course, looks are often deceiving when dealing with mages, and in this case, little Kei can shape water into an apparently hardened form of her choice. She uses this skill to ensnare Leen in a column of fast-moving water that can be moved or modified at will.

    Defenders of Byakko, the White Tiger of the West
    Shou, the current Phantom Saint of Byakko Shou

    Vigorous in his appetites and slow in his reasoning, Shou acquired the role of Phantom Saint after the disappearance of the previous one. To mask his inexperience, he maintains an aura of terror among his warriors and deals aggressively with any potential or perceived threat to his dominance. Unfortunately, these poor leadership tactics may cost him his position and his life as he goes about picking fights rather than keeping his fractious population united and safe.

    Bii, whip-tailed Spirit Guide of Byakko Bii

    A fiesty, hot-tempered beauty, Bii aids Shou in his ambitious plans as Phantom Saint. Her youth and passions equal those of her master, but unlike him, she has the brains and patience to see their plans to completion. Her council and guidance are invaluable, but marred by her personal quest for revenge against her old friend Kyou, the spirit guide of Suzaku.

    Sei, Warrior-Priest of Byakko, strategist and sorceror Sei

    Handsome and mysterious, Sei takes a more reclusive aspect than his fellow warriors of Byakko. He is a gifted sorceror and possesses the ability to transport beings across space. Sei's knowledge also includes military strategy, an asset in any border nation, but made more essential for its lack among the leadership of Seijuu.

    Sou, Warrior-Priest of Byakko, hunter, leopard-changeling Sou

    Fleet of foot and of mind, Sou is a highly capable warrior of Byakko, though his skills are exploited poorly under the flawed leadership of Shou. Sou is an exemplary tracker, as proved by his successful hunt of his rogue comrade, Gou. His skills in human form are augmented in his beast form as a leopard.

    Gou, rogue Warrior-Priest of Byakko, murderer, bear-changeling

    As fearsome and imposing as a human as in his bear-form, Gou spent a little too much time enjoying his fierce alter ego and lost some of his human reason and self-control. He set about murdering and menacing the population of Seijuu as a rogue changeling, and so became hunted by his former comrades-in-arms of Byakko. Once Gou crossed the border into the kingdom of Nanban, however, he gained the attention of the warriors of Suzaku as well.

    Defenders of Genbu, the Black Tortoise of the North
    En, the current Phantom Saint of Genbu En

    With the strength and wisdom befitting a Phantom Saint of his years, En has earned the unquestionable loyalty of his warriors and commands respect even among the other warriors of the Four Kingdoms. The last Phantom Saint of his generation, En's understanding of the land's troubled history and threatened future compels him to offer guidance and assistance to his young counterparts, with limited success.

    Sekka, Spirit Guide of Genbu Sekka

    Kyou's oldest friend and fellow sprite, Sekka is polite and mild-mannered to everyone, including Dark. She is also very capable in her duties as Spirit Guide, and En trusts her to go off alone on important and dangerous missions, such as the investigation of fearsome border raids. Her stout heart and fierce loyalty are matched outwardly by a tremendous physical strength that often takes her opponents by surprise.

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