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Heroes Nadesico Villains
  • Akito
  • Ruri
  • "Daicouji Gai"
  • Yurika
  • Megumi
  • Ryoko
  • Minato
  • Jun
  • Hikaru
  • Izumi
  • Ines
  • Kaguya
  • Gen. Misumaru
  • Akito Tenkawa, an irresistable chef and pilot Akito

    A chef by trade, Akito is gifted (or cursed) with exceptional luck and a com implant that permits him to interface directly with machines. Through a series of unusual circumstances, he is pressed into service as a civilian pilot on the Nadesico, despite his almost complete lack of training. He also manages to attract the romantic interest of several women among the crew, all of which is a clear sign of "Amuro Ray" syndrome. Quite mysteriously, Akito also happens to be the only Martian survivor of the Jovian attack who made it safely to Earth.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Ueda Yuuji

    Yurika Misumaru, a brilliant captain Yurika

    Nadesico's young captain passed her exams with exemplary success, although before joining the crew she had no actual field experience. Yurika has a free-wheeling attitude, which may be part of the reason her crew is so fragmented. Akito was her childhood friend back on Mars, before her military father returned to Earth. The Jovians seem to have some interest in Capt. Misumaru, but whether that will aid or harm the Earth is unknown.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Kuwashima Houko

    Ruri Hoshino, deadpan navigation officer Ruri

    A true prodigy, Ruri uses her empathy with computers to communicate directly with the navigation system of the Nadesico. Raised in an isolated clinic environment, she has very little patience or understanding for people, and prefers to commune with her 'pet' 98 (J'ese: kyuupachi). She is one of the few ex-military officers among the crew, and comes to accept the crew's unusual disposition despite her own preference for regimentation.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Minami Omi

    Dr. Ines Fresanjeu, medical doctor

    A woman cloaked in secrets, Ines leads the Nadesico on an impromptu rescue mission of a cluster of Martian survivors. While her own research expertise is unknown, her knowledge of Terran military research on Mars and the Moon is eerily extensive, including even the most top-secret and mysterious projects. Uncovering the secrets she keeps may prove difficult for our heroes, but there can be no underestimating this woman's resolve in completing her personal mission.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Matsui Naoko

    Megumi Reynard, communications officer Megumi

    Principally engaged in keeping the pilots in contact with the ship, Megumi is an easy-going, pleasant young woman. When danger threatens the ship, she manages to deliver even the most stressful information with a smile and a positive spin. I suppose her cheery attitude and her former occupation as a voice actress (J'ese: seiyuu) puts her in the Megumi Hayashibara stable.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Takano Naoko

    Minato Haruka, bored helmsman Minato

    Minato is a world-weary former secretary with a body suited more to a cruise ship than to a space ship. Her que sera, sera attitude would seem like depression on a military ship, but on the Nadesico she just seems a bit more sober than the rest of the nutty crew. In her way, Minato is useful to have around, if only as a voice of calm reason in the sea of turmoil that surrounds the Nadesico. For totally unknown reasons, she develops an interest in Akito, but her lack of determination puts her far behind his more determined admirers.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Okamoto Maya

    Kaguya Onikirimaru, a competitive woman Kaguya

    The narcissistic captain of the Kaguya is a capable and strong-minded young woman. Kaguya knew Yurika as a child, and envisions between them a cosmic rivalry, extending up to the present day. Heiress to Asuka Industries, Nergal's primary competitor, she sets out in her military ship to rein in the errant Nadesico and her distracted captain. It remains to be seen whether her competitive spirit will expand to include Akito's affections among the things she wishes to wrest from Yurika.
    Actor/Seiyuu: unknown

    Gen. Kouichirou Misumaru, military commander

    Yurika's father is a traditional military man with very specific ideas on how a ship ought to be operated, and on how a daughter ought to behave. He has serious separation anxiety about his little girl going off on her first command assignment, but that doesn't interfere with his ability to face off against her on orders from Terran High Command.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Ohtsuka Akio

    Jun Aoi, commanding officer Jun

    Jun is Yurika's friend and personal assistant, and had every intention of accompanying her through her military career. When she received her commission from Nergal, although torn, he followed his heart away from the military, although his training and discipline do him little good in commanding the ship's rambunctious crew. While the Terrans and Jovians chasing after the ship give him plenty of stress, he certainly gets more from Yurika's besotted chase after Akito.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Itou Kentarou

    "Daicouji Gai" (aka. Jirou Yamada), pilot and #1 fan Gai

    A man wholly defined by his interests, "Gai" has formed his career and personality around the TV show "Gekigangar 3". Upholding the tenets of friendship, loyalty, and bravery, he makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the Nadesico and Akito in the Aesti Valis. Although perhaps not the greatest pilot or the sanest member of the crew, "Gai" serves as an inspiration to otaku everywhere.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Seki Tomokazu

    Ryoko Subaru, no-nonsense field commander Ryoko

    Ryoko commands sorties outside the ship, but she has even less experience in non-simulated combat situations than her erstwhile captain, Yurika. Nonetheless, this headstrong young woman has absolute confidence in her martial abilities and in those of her team. The necessary presence of Akito upon her team's arrival on the Nadesico raises her ire, but despite his lack of battle prowess, Ryoko comes to tolerate the confused young man.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Yokoyama Chisa

    Hikaru Amano, pilot Hikaru

    Despite her bookish appearance, Hikaru is a skilled pilot and a valuable member of the Nadesico flight squad. Her knowledge of military strategy and regulation is considerable, while her cheerful and open demeanor balance out her squad leader's abrupt personality.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Kikuchi Shiho

    Izumi Maki, mellow pilot Izumi

    The member of the flight squad best able to blend in amongst the wacky Nadesico crew, Izumi combines brains and flight skill with leggy-beauty. Her laid-back attitude and "let it ride" personality keep her happily shadowed in the background. She lets her two comrades take on most of the work of running the squad, while she provides support, both in the planning and in the field. Izumi is especially notable for her tendency to hide her face behind her mass of hair, and for her apparent immunity to Akito's unwitting charms.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Nagasawa Miki

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