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Heroes Silent Möbius Villains
  • Katsumi
  • Mana
  • Ralph
  • Fuyuka
  • Kiddy
  • Lebia
  • Lum Cheng
  • Roy
  • Rally
  • Nami
  • Yuuki
  • Gigelf
  • Ganossa
  • Rosa
  • Lucifer Hawk
  • Megadyne
  • Grospoliner
  • Tooru
  • Flecks
  • Ruufa
  • Stefan Maverick
  • Visionaires
  • Kouhou Yamigumo
  • Jesso
  • Avalanche Wong
  • Genvara
  • Magicians' Guild
  • Medium
  • Soichiro Shiobara
  • Neo-Tokyo Police Dept.
  • Katsumi Liqueur, a sorceress, the "Key" Katsumi

    A full-grown woman forced to re-learn everything about her life, Katsumi was the one of the last to join the AMP. She resisted the supernatural and occult influences that ruled her mother's life, and knew nearly nothing of her father, until Lucifer Hawk and AMP forced themselves into her sphere. Walking a doubly unfamiliar path as both sorceress and cop, Katsumi seeks simple pleasures of friendship, home, and Roy, even as tumultuous events rage about her.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Matsui Naoko

    Kiddy Phenil, a meta-machine with flava' Kiddy

    A hard-headed woman with a fierce attitude, Kiddy acquired the hardware to match her temperament after a near-fatal investigation of the Megadyne battle-cyborg, Wire. As a detective for AMP, she can put her strength to the test against super-strong beings while pursuing her vendetta against Wire. Unfortunately, her cyber-coating does little to shield her fragile emotions when it comes to her erstwhile lover, Ralph.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Tsuru Hiromi

    Rally Cheyenne, a natural-born magic-user, the Chief Rally

    Capable and confident, Rally assembled the AMP in advance of the imminent attack of the Lucifer Hawk. Working within the complexities of Neo-Tokyo's private police force, she coordinates the special operations and research projects that keep AMP in business. As their shared mentor, Rally serves as common focus that keeps the diverse women of AMP working towards one purpose. And yet, despite these accomplishments, Rally harbors deep and fearful secrets, not least of which is her own unnatural heritage.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Fujita Toshiko

    Mana Isozaki, Chinese sorceress, the demi-Chief Mana

    A late-comer to AMP, Mana is in command of daily operations and reports directly to Chief Rally. Aloof and inscrutable, Mana keeps close guard on her feelings even when dealing with her own squad. Cold reason and careful planning are her best attributes, making her an excellent counter to Ganossa's emotion-wrenching tactics. However, Mana's resilient composure was not easily won.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Koyama Mami

    Ganossa Maximillian, a master sorceror who embraced the dark side and paid a great price Ganossa

    Making a 'Faustian bargain' seems to have agreed well with Ganossa. Without regret, he bonded himself, body and soul, to the planet Nemesis itself, gaining longevity and surpassing sorcerous power. Once the student of Gigelf Liqueur, he turned his back on the Magicians' Guild and became the leader of the Lucifer Hawk armies on Gaea and Nemesis. Ganossa is capable of unconscionable acts of violence and emotional torture, and he appears to delight in achieving his goals in this manner. In truth, Ganossa is a blighted man. No longer capable of feeling human emotions, he can only observe and destroy those of others.
    Actor/Seiyuu: (unknown)

    Rosa Cheyenne, Rally's baby sister all grown-up and ready to blow up the town Rosa

    Sharing Rally's mixed heritage, Rosa spent her years on Earth terrified by thoughts of abandonment and resentful of her sister's apparently easy assimilation into human society. Unwilling to await the inevitable destruction that she believed would come ultimately, Rosa embraced Lucifer Hawk as her true family, renouncing humanity forever. In her capacity as Ganossa's second, she occasionally finds fault with his methods and tendency to distraction, but generally complies with his plans. When left to her own devices, she pursues her filial grudge by attacking AMP, her sister's treasured creation.
    Actor/Seiyuu: (unknown)

    Lucifer Hawk, a collective of exiled beings

    Caught out of time and space by the disaster-plagued Project Gaea, the Lucifer Hawk are now willing to carry out any level of destruction in the pursuit of regaining their home. Under the barely tolerated leadership of Ganossa and Rosa, Lucifer Hawk wages a bloody war for dominance of both worlds.
    The first incursion of Lucifer Hawk into Earth-space has not been documented. However, by the time of Project Gaea, many of their number had already crossed the dimensions. Lucifer Hawk are sentient, physical beings, but their unique supernatural abilities afford them a marked advantage over humans in strength and maneuverability. Conventional weapons have no effect on them, unless augmented by strong supernatural power. Nuclear weapons of varying strengths would appear to cause them harm, but stronger Lucifer Hawk can resist such devices.
    In their dealings with humans, all Lucifer Hawk exhibit a certain hatred of and contempt for humans and Earth in general. The less intelligent among them (Category 1, 2) usually lash out blindly in response to this feeling, but the savvy ones (Category 3 and above) can curb and refocus these feelings into more subtle and elaborate strategies. Ganossa employs every sort of Lucifer Hawk in his protracted siege of Neo-Tokyo, but these long-thinking types are generally used as undercover operatives and generals. Moreover, an even stronger, smarter Lucifer Hawk can be derived from cross-breeding with humans. While there are at least two living examples of such beings, no one has been bold enough to try to categorize them.

    Megadyne, a cybernetics company

    Originally mentioned as a maker of toys and combat robots (in Compiler), Megadyne produces an array of cybernetic parts for human use as well. The life-sustaining mechanisms that keep Kiddy alive and punching are Megadyne-brand, but so is Wire, the psychotic android that nearly killed her. Lucifer Hawk has shown great interest in bonding with various Megadyne products, ranging in scale and scope from homicidal combat models like Wire, to insidious nanytes like the K-Worm, capable of infecting and controlling biological entities.

    Lebia Maverick, all-around mad scientist and AMP field commander Lebia

    Capable of entering the electronic world of 'dataspace' in toto, Lebia handles AMP's most complex computer investigations. Moreover, she is AMP's mission leader in the field, keeping the far-ranging personalities (and egos) of the team members in check. Possibly the most well-adjusted AMP member, and arguably the richest, Lebia enjoys the challenge of designing and building new equipment for the fight against Lucifer Hawk.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Nagahori Miho (Movie: Takashima Gara)

    Nami Yamigumo, protectoress of an ancient shrine and a neat-freak Nami

    Hailing from a family even more ancient than Katsumi's, Nami admirably bears the dual roles of shrine priestess and AMP member. For generations, House Yamigumo has protected Japan (and Earth, by extension) through strict discipline and constant vigilance. In Nami, this takes the form of wearing mens' traditional garb (compare to Kenshin's clothes and the Shinsengumi uniforms worn in Rurouni Kenshin) and wielding ofudo (paper enchantments), rather than the Western-style AMP uniform and pistol.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Honda Chieko

    Yuuki Saiko, the best young telepath good money can produce Yuuki

    Raised in a top-secret government farm for psychics, Yuuki has no parents that she can recall. Her only childhood memories revolve around clinical testing and her fellow inmates, all of whom were also young children. Since making her way to the outside world, she has tried to suppress her more combat-oriented abilities, while sharpening her precognitive skills to protect her friends. Irrepressibly energetic, but subject to fits of worry and anxiety, Yuuki loves coffee, and maintains a coffee house in her limited spare time.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Okamoto Maya

    Lum Cheng, a young Chinese sorceress with something to prove Lum

    The last person to join AMP, Lum Cheng approaches the job with a pretty substantial chip on her shoulder. Like the others, her heritage and abilities make her ideally suited for this cause, but she is young and her powers are relatively untested. Katsumi holds her special grudge, both as a fellow wielder of a magical sword and as the highest-ranking magic user of AMP.
    Actor/Seiyuu: (unknown)

    Ralph Bombers, Kiddy's beau and a Special Detective squad member

    A tough cop and a shrewd man, Ralph at first held a very skeptical opinion of the secretive AMPD. There was a certain territorial conflict between him and Kiddy when their cases first started to overlap. Over time though, the two consummate detectives found that they could work quite well together, both on the job and off-duty. Despite the hardship and tragedy that plague all of the members of AMP, and Kiddy's own haunted past, Ralph has demonstrated his steadfast loyalty and rough-around-the-edges love time and again.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Matsumoto Yasunori

    Robert "Roy" Device, Katsumi's beau, a S.W.A.T member, and a genuinely nice guy

    Sporting a certain boyish charm and innocence, Roy seems out of his depth both as a heavy-duty police officer and as a part of Katsumi's volatile life. Bucking the odds, Roy manages to excel in both roles, although not without struggle. As a cop, the harsh realities of life in Neo-Tokyo threaten daily to wear down his sanity, but his courage and resolve see him through most tough situations. As a guy, just dating Katsumi while under constant attack by Lucifer Hawk is a momentous achievement. With every tiny milestone of their romance marked by peril and sacrifice, Roy and Katsumi act as each other's beacons to hope and salvation.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Hashimoto Kouichi

    Tooru, Yuuki's beau, a student, and a lover of real coffee

    As a young man, Tooru met and cared for Yuuki during her brief jaunt into Tokyo's past. He actually handled the 'I love a girl from the future' role pretty well, even through the attacks by Lucifer Hawk. In a cruel twist of fate however, Tooru's unrequited love for Yuuki motivates him to take risky, ill-advised actions that have a pivotal impact on Yuuki's life.
    Actor/Seiyuu: (unknown)

    Grospoliner, blood-bonded sword of the Liqueur family

    A living sword gifted with its own personality, memories, and regrets, Grospoliner is a very vocal servant. Wielded by Katsumi at present, and by Gigelf in the past, this sword bonds to its master through blood and the affinity must be mutual. Unlike some mystical swords that just sit around waiting to be drawn, Grospoliner has a humorous tendency to call out, "Use me, my master!", at particularly dramatic times. Moreover, it likes to express its opinions on worldly matters, and have nostalgic conversations about the good old days. And of course, it can be used to control fearsome magic in the defense of love, truth and order.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Kawakubo Kiyoshi

    Medium, blood-bonded sword of demonic nature

    Opposite in nature and equal in power to Grospoliner, the dagger Medium spurs its wielder to the heights of destruction and feeds on despair. It also must form a mutually acceptable blood bond with its master, and is therefore an interesting example of a willing curse. The host gets to expand their own magical powers, but also experiences a sort of suspended animation state in which their body and mind remains fixed in the moment of bonding with Medium. Wielded by Katsumi at present, and by Mana in the past, Medium particularly appeals to people experiencing great loss who wish to be divorced from hard emotions. The curse of Medium can only be broken by another great loss, which is a source of great dramatic sacrifice.

    Jesso, I-Ching rune-staff of the Wong family

    A powerful weapon with a more conventional means of passing from master to master, Jesso is a mystical staff capable of augmenting the wielder's magical abilities. Wielded by Lum Cheng at present, and by Genvara in the past, its usefulness has not been fully explored yet. It was held in trust for Lum Cheng by Avalanche Wong, but his admonitions to gradually learn the use of the weapon were generally ignored by the girl at first. Her own motivation to outstrip the expectations of the AMP and best the group's pre-eminent sorceress, Katsumi, misdirected the potentially fearsome power of Jesso.

    Gigelf Liqueur, Katsumi's father, Ganossa's teacher, and the saviour-destroyer of both Earth and Nemesis Gigelf

    Surprisingly little is known about Gigelf, even though he figures almost mythically in the world of Silent Mobius. Undoubtedly brave and generally honest, he spent the better part of his life serving what he felt was the greater good of Earth. Among the members of the Magicians' Guild, he was regarded as an esteemed colleague, although he is never openly acknowledged as any sort of leader. His relationship to Ganossa at the time of Mobius Klein is best described as tensely adversarial, but it appears that before the betrayal, they were quite close friends besides being master and student. Ironically, Ganossa's unfulfilled obsession with Gigelf is at the root of his peculiar affinity towards Katsumi. Unfortunately, Fuyuka was able to spend scarce time with Gigelf, but it is clear that a great love existed between them, however brief and tragic.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Katsunosuke Hori (Movie: Naya Goroh)

    Fuyuka Hazuki, Katsumi's mother, a psychic TV reporter, and a friend of Assembler, Compiler & Nachi Fuyuka

    A combination of opposite tendencies, Fuyuka gives the impression of shyness and abiding sadness, although under duress she proves herself to be a lion-hearted woman of great resolve. It is clear that although Katsumi gets her surpassing sorcerous ability from her father, her innermost personality was shaped by her mother. Still, Fuyuka does not share an easy, open relationship with her daughter. The fate of Project Gaea and the threat of Lucifer Hawk are secrets that she holds onto tightly, which allows young Katsumi to grow up unaware of her fearsome destiny. To further that cause, at great personal cost, Fuyuka buys some time for Katsumi to train and grow under Rally's care and protection.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Masako Ikeda

    Avalanche Wong, Lum Cheng's (foster) grandfather, Mana's teacher, and a man who knows what really happened to Project Gaea Avalanche Wong

    Possibly the true leader of the Magicians' Guild, "Avalanche" Wong sits spider-like amidst the tragic events of the present and works to prevent the mistakes of the past. In the bleak, latter days of the AMP, this grizzled old mage offers his wisdom and assistance to his two former students, Lum Cheng and Mana. Avalanche also holds the dubious honor of being the oldest living opponent to Ganossa, something that does not make his 'retirement' particularly comfortable.
    Actor/Seiyuu: (unknown)

    Genvara, Lum Cheng's father and Mana's fiance Genvara

    A member of the Magicians' Guild, he wields the magic lance Jesso and fights alongside Gigelf. His engagement to Mana Isozaki played a key role in saving her from the clutches of the cursed sword Medium.

    Ruufa, mother of Rally & Rosa Cheyenne Ruufa

    Almost the spitting image of Rally, Ruufa has a more open, easygoing attitude than either of her angst-ridden daughters. As Mobius Klein opens, there is no mention of any children, so we must assume that the situation that yielded the cross-bred Cheyenne girls has not yet happened.

    Stefan L. Maverick, Lebia's father, founder of the Visionaires and builder of the Cyclotron

    A preeminent cybernetics genius, Stefan was a pillar of Project Gaea and the well-respected founder of the Visionaires, a group of computer hackers spanning both sides of the law. His quirky sense of humor and his complex analytical mind kept him on good terms with the eccentric Magicians' Guild. Those qualities were inherited and put to good use by his daughter, Lebia, in continuation of her father's stewardship of Neo-Tokyo.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Mugihito

    Flecks, Gigelf's second student in magic and assistant after Ganossa left Flecks

    Quite the opposite of the intense Ganossa, Flecks is almost a stereotypical sidekick. He spends his time in Mobius Klein running errands for his master and trying not to show off his naivete. As a junior member of the Magicians' Guild, his role in Project Gaea is strictly peripheral, but his absence from later events would seem to indicate that he served his master Gigelf faithfully to the very end.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Yamaguchi Kappei

    Soichiro Shiobara, Ganossa's assistant, a Lucifer Hawk-like changeling

    So little is known of this man's true nature, that it is difficult to tell whether he is, or ever was, human. Soichiro's shape-changing abilities plague Gigelf during his Mobius Klein days. In their first violent encounter, when Gigelf is caught off-guard, it is Compiler who sends Soichiro packing.

    Kouhou Yamigumo, Nami's grandfather

    Nami's predecessor as the leader of House Yamigumo, Kouhou is a true believer in the old ways of protecting nature and the ancient spirits that infuse the earth. He was an early opponent of Project Gaea, largely because of their ill-considered tampering with barely understood natural forces. As it turns out, his instincts proved tragically accurate. Razan, his son, was Nami's father and the original heir of the family.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Yamauchi Masato

    Neo-Tokyo Police Department, a privately-owned police force

    The Neo-Tokyo Police Department is actually an association of several crime-fighting units, each owned and supervised by a private corporation. Ralph and Roy each work for such units, and therefore their activities are in some way governed by a profit motive. Also, as employees with very limited rights, they are subject to whatever treatment is dictated by their patron company. In Roy's case, such treatment included being subjected to biological experimentation, while Ralph was simply ordered to abandon investigations after they were no longer viewed as profitable.
    The Attacked Mystification Police, under Rally's direct supervision, is the only group that is not beholden to a single corporate entity. Instead, Rally reports to a committee of all of the owners of the NTPD, and it is this committee that governs AMP's astronomical budget. On the plus side, this arrangement also gives AMP access to the research facilities of the entire organization, as well as access to any of the other police divisions in case of large-scale emergencies.

    Visionaires, a loosely-knit group of computer hackers and data divers

    Created by Stefan Maverick, the Visionaires are a very individualistic lot. Governed by a sense of honor and duty only to others of their kind, they have a casual disregard for the privacy and ownership laws that pertain to data systems. Not quite giving in to their anarchic tendencies, the Visionaires do respect the more skilled and experienced among their number, even if there is no formal government. Glover and Lebia are of this higher type, and as such are afforded a very esteemed status.

    Magicians' Guild, a group of well-meaning people of esoteric power

    Predecessor to the AMP, and populated by a diverse group of powerful people, the Magicians' Guild was an integral part of Project Gaea. The sorcerous abilities of its members was necessary for opening the gateway to Nemesis which was at the heart of that project. However, several members of the Guild were apprehensive about the impact of the project and about the active opposition of Ganossa. Ganossa had in fact been a member of the Magicians' Guild before striking out on his own, and therefore knew most of the members' strengths and vulnerabilities. The details of the workings of the Guild and the stories of its members are only touched upon in Mobius Klein, and have yet to be completely revealed.

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