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Heroes Steam Detectives Villains
  • Narutaki
  • Goriki
  • Kawakubo
  • Ling Ling
  • D.C.I. Yagami
  • Det. Onigawara
  • Le Bread
  • Knight of Phantom
  • Red Scorpion
  • Lang Lang
  • Dr. Guilty
  • Machine Baron
  • Narutaki, an orphaned teenage detective Narutaki & Ling Ling

    An intense, sober lad, this wŁnderkind detective spends his energies keeping the citizens of Steam City safe from the predators who would do them harm. He is able to do this largely because of his keen powers of observation and intellect, a la Sherlock Holmes, but also because of the assistance of his friends and the local police force. Narutaki's use of gadgets and his understated wealth is reminiscent of Batman/Bruce Wayne, and certainly other elements of the story are obvious tributes to the classic, gothic-style Dark Knight. Narutaki is compassionate, and sometimes naive in his attitude towards both his citizen charges and the villains he pursues.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Souichiro Hoshi

    Ling Ling (aka. Rin Rin), an orphaned teenage nurse

    Despite her blonde bombshell appearance, Ling Ling is a smart, capable young woman who is always ready for her role as Narutaki's assistant. Keeping up with Narutaki's unusual and often intentionally vague detective style requires an agile mind, flexibility of range, and a willingness to follow orders unconditionally. As a sometime nurse, and the devoted child of a biomechanics genius, Ling Ling's got the first two mastered, but her concern for Narutaki and inquisitive nature get in the way of her achieving that third goal. Hope that she can rescue and reunite her father and sister, both lost in their way, drives Ling Ling to sometimes ill-considered actions, but luckily Narutaki watches her back (and has the favor returned).
    Actor/Seiyuu: Hiroko Taguchi

    Le Bread, a masked teenage criminal mastermind Le Bread & Lang Lang

    A well-bred young man who claims Narutaki as his nemesis, Le Bread enjoys the chase far more than the rewards. He seems to be quite wealthy and his extensive knowledge of fine art, music, and history reflect a good classical education. He wears a distinctive mask that covers all but the knowing smirk on his face. Le Bread and Narutaki have some shared history that may involve swapped identities, but more recently, Narutaki is the only person who has ever come close to capturing Le Bread. Their cat-and-mouse games are often played out at both a deeply personal level and across the entire landscape of Steam City. Le Bread's arrogant, narcissistic approach to crime seems to be a cross between three frustrated criminal geniuses: the Joker, the Phantom (of the Opera), and Holmes' perfect foil, Moriarty.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Takeshi Kusao

    Lang Lang (aka. Ran Ran), a provocative teenage nurse

    Lang Lang has a brilliant mind bent on revenge and destruction and a voluptuous body under her capable control. She is Le Bread's criminal partner, and perhaps his lover, as well. She is easily as determined, intelligent and versatile as her sister Ling Ling, with the added advantages of a greater knowledge of worldly matters and a willingness to commit almost any act to further her goals. Those goals include supporting Le Bread's schemes, ridding Ling Ling of her innocent faith, and humiliating and killing Narutaki, which fulfills the other two. On this last point only does Lang Lang seem to waver in her faith in Le Bread, as Narutaki's kindness and generosity has stirred some long-buried positive feelings within her. Moreover, she seems reluctant to actually kill her sister, instead finding other equally satisfying but less permanent ways to get Ling Ling out of the way.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Miki Nagasawa

    Goriki, a steam-powered robot (megamaton) Goriki

    Bigger than a breadbox and heavy as a tank, Goriki is the steel-reinforced "muscle" of the Narutaki Detective Agency. Coming to the rescue on several occasions when greater-than-human strength was called for, Goriki is a loyal defender of his comrades. He has an especially strong tie to Ling Ling, since he was created by her father Dr. Hsu. It is unclear whether Dr. Hsu's other daughter might also be able to enjoy Goriki's protection. Quite unlike other megamatons, Goriki operates without a remote control, and will push himself to the point of collapse to protect Steam City.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Takuma Suzuki

    Kawakubo, Narutaki's family butler Kawakubo

    A trusted and experienced advisor, as well as a proper "Gentleman's gentleman", Kawakubo takes care of the thousand little details of Narutaki's complex life. Kawakubo runs research errands and carries messages between Narutaki, Ling Ling and the police. We can assume that Kawakubo handles Narutaki's household and business finances, which are considerable, as well as attending to the mundane household chores of shopping, cooking and cleaning. Kawakubo has a restrained demeanor and a dry wit not unlike another famous trusted butler.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Yuichi Nagashima

    Chief Inspector Yagami, Steam City police officer D.C.I. Yagami & Det. Onigawara

    A well-respected policeman, D.C.I. Yagami is Narutaki's primary contact among the Steam City police. When Narutaki wants to alert the police to a potential security threat or needs to have a police detail ready for backup, he speaks to Yagami. Conversely, when there's a case that's baffling the police, or when they tangle with one of Steam City's archvillains, Yagami's usually the person who reaches out to Narutaki for assistance. He's one of the few members of the police force who is willing to accept Narutaki's age and unconventional tactics if it means that citizens will be protected. When the citizens in need of protection include the members of the Narutaki Detective Agency however, Yagami makes them aware of their strictly-civilian status.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Takashi Nagasako

    Detective Onigawara, a hardworking police detective

    Younger than D.C.I. Yagami, and holding a rank closer to Sargeant, Onigawara is the "man in the field" who works directly with Narutaki, although not always willingly. On the smaller or more personal cases, Onigawara takes great pride in attempting to solve mysteries on his own, without Narutaki's assistance. Certainly professional pride plays a part, but Onigawara is also totally smitten by Ling Ling. Where Narutaki seems to regard Ling Ling as a dear friend and ally, D.S. Onigawara never misses an opportunity to complement the young woman on her charm, grace, and beauty. He also rarely skips a chance to ask her out or to try to impress her with his growing detective skills. Onigawara is a steadfast ally and useful to have at your back when terror lurks in the misty shadows.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Nobuo Tobita

    Knight of Phantom, a caped criminal with a grudge Knight of Phantom

    An interesting spin on Batman himself, Knight of Phantom nurses a years-old complaint against the citizenry of Steam City as well as Narutaki's father, a famous detective in his own right. The Knight's thirst for vengeance, combined with his surpassing skill and determination, have brought Narutaki's fate and the fate of Steam City nearly into his grasp. Ling Ling came to Narutaki in the first place as a mostly willing pawn in one of the Knight of Phantom's schemes. Like most of the archvillains of Steam City, Knight of Phantom always chooses to court death rather than be caught by Narutaki.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Akio Otsuka

    Dr. Guilty, a megalomaniacal engineer Dr. Guilty

    A fiendishly clever man with a strong reputation among his colleagues as a pre-eminent biomechanical engineer. He harbors a long-standing jealousy towards Ling Ling's father, Dr. Hsu, which has only intensified now that Dr. Hsu is presumed dead. Dr. Guilty's hatred tends to focus on Goriki, as the last creation of Dr. Hsu. He has developed a series of increasingly strong and violent megamatons, Steam Bolts I, II, and III, each of which has tried its battle prowess against Goriki. Dr. Guilty doesn't usually steal, preferring instead to wreak havoc with his megamatons.
    Actor/Seiyuu: (unknown)

    Red Scorpion, a beautiful and clever jewel thief Red Scorpion

    A striking young woman with a taste for other people's fine jewels and priceless baubles. She typically employs disguises and elaborate schemes to get what she wants, and is quite a successful cat burglar. Unfortunately, her considerable skills and careful plans are outmatched by Narutaki's own deductive skills. Armed with a flair for fashion and the Villainess' Handbook of Witty Puns and One-liners™ Red Scorpion is always fun to have around.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Chisa Yokoyama

    Machine Baron, cyborg technophile Machine Baron

    An enigmatic man wearing a plate-metal mask, this ultimate collector of mechanical oddities has an unhealthy interest in Goriki. His all-consuming obsession has led him from the skies above Steam City to its vapor-clogged bowels, with little to show for the effort. The Machine Baron's apparently futile pursuit barely registers on Narutaki's radar, but it seems likely that Goriki at least is aware of his strange secret admirer.
    Actor/Seiyuu: Norio Wakamoto

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