VideoKiddy is Every Woman
- a remixed anime video to the tune of "I'm Every Woman" (Chaka Khan)
- by Mandisa Washington

Kiddy amid the birds in an atrium Details: After a long break from adding to the site, I've started in a new direction, anime music videos, or AMVs. This first video is an idea that had been collecting dust in my notebook for a few years, and began to form when I read the Silent Mobius manga. Kiddy Phenil is my favorite character from that series, and her profile as a tough-girl whose heart opens up over time really appeals to me. Ralph, her beau, is a funny character and a good detective, although that probably doesn't come across in the video (it's not about him, per se, so that's alright). As for the choice of music, Chaka Khan's signature song seems to fit as a theme for Kiddy and the AMP members in general, since (a) they represent all aspects of modern femininity, (b) both the story and the song have an early-1990s soulful style, and (c) both are ultimately very life-affirming. I might someday do a more ambitious version of this video with both Kiddy & Katsumi, and featuring the 8-minute-plus remix version of the song, but my skills aren't up to that yet. | More Story Info (Silent Möbius) | Original Song Lyrics | Download Video

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