Socially Soused

  • ...the name of an American/British Metal rock band is used as the name of a spell I'll bet D-S gets a bit drafty sometimes
  • ...low-level destruction occurs - trees, bridges, walls
  • ...random people or animals are killed
  • ...a spell, prayer or fighting technique protects or injures people not at all involved in the duel/battle
  • ...anybody sees or learns of a scene of mass destruction and says "That could only be the work of DS"
  • ...someone expresses disbelief that DS might be alive
  • ...DS's "immortality" is mentioned
  • ...Rushe transforms into DS on-purpose after a kiss
  • ...someone mentions the demon "Anthrax" (or "Anthrathrax" or "Antrax" get the idea)
  • ...anyone refers to themselves in the third-person (like, "I, Arshes Nei will kill you...")
  • ...a woman/girl shows open admiration for DS's body - ogling counts :)
  • ...a man/boy shows open admiration for Tia's or Arshes Nei's body - fair's fair
  • ...someone mentions the chaos caused by DS's army back in the day
  • ...someone mentions the chaos caused by the Four Lords of Havoc and their armies in the present day
  • ...either DS or any of the Four Lords boasts of their fighting prowess and backs it up
  • ...anybody other than DS or the Four Lords boasts of their fighting prowess and fails utterly
  • ...anyone mentions their dreams of the future in the middle of battle
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