- to the tune of "Oklahoma!" by Rodgers & Hammerstein
- by Sephiroth, aka. Joshua Hime

Details: Received via email in the early days of the FY mailing list (FYML), this is a Fushigi Yuugi filk (with stage cues) involving a Suzuku-group victory party. "Oklahoma!" is the titular song from a popular old Broadway musical about farmers and ranchers learning to get along in the Oklahoma frontier. | More Story Info (Fushigi) | Original Song Lyrics

The Suzaku Seven clad in modern casual. (Clockwise from top left) Tasuki, Miaka, Tama-neko (cat), Mitsukake, Chiriko, Chichiri, Hotohori, Tamahome, and Nuriko

A scene opens as Hotohori is crowned emperor in his teens. The six Seishi, plus Miaka, are off to the side acting as narrators, who participate in the singing. The song starts out as Hotohori's coronation ceremony ends:

MITSUKAKE: They couldn't pick a better man to rule my life!
NURIKO: He ain't a young 'un and he ain't too old.
TASUKI: Perhaps he'll end up with a Miko wife...

(NURIKO's and TAMAHOME's eyes narrow, and they simultaneously punch TASUKI into orbit)

CHIRIKO: End up breakin' the ruler mold!
SEISHI: Ruler mold! Doin' as he's told!

CHIRIKO: Gonna lower taxes, harvest barren fields ... raise our education,
MITSUKAKE: Feed the homeless meals!
TAMAHOME: Improve our agriculture where the peasants work,
TASUKI: Drive out foreign soldiers wherever they lurk.
TAMAHOME: Help our country in ev'ry way he can,
SEISHI: Help our country more than any one man!

(HOTOHORI walks down center stage, sings solo, swinging his sword extravagantly)

HOTOHORI: Ho-o-o-o-o-tohori,
Whom Nuriko follows 'round the plain,

(NURIKO rushes forward to embrace HOTOHORI, HOTOHORI walks towards the audience as soon as NURIKO leaps for the young emperor, falling face-down on the ground)

Whose emper-or wear,
Is so debonair,

(TAMAHOME rolls eyes)

With my black hair flowing like a mane!

(TASUKI shakes head and walks off)

Ev'ry night my hand mirror and I,
Help me look more fair as I brush my hair,

(TAMAHOME and CHICHIRI walk off, bored)

Looking better than a sunset sky!

(MITSUKAKE follows after the leaving SEISHI)

And the seishi are all so jealous,

(CHIRIKO stalks off)

Because they wish my looks were contagious,

(MIAKA leaves finally, leaving NURIKO, who looks on adoringly at HOTOHORI)

And when they sa-a-a-ay-yeow!
They're only sayin' I'm so beautiful it's scary,
It's so scary: I am!

(HOTOHORI looks for SEISHI, who are supposed to be the chorus to repeat the solo. None are to be found, save NURIKO, who bursts into the chorus. HOTOHORI joins NURIKO, and they finish in a duet. Close curtain.)

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