FilkPretty Fly (for a Bad Guy)
- to the tune of "Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)" by Offspring
- by Mandisa Washington

Details: This is my first experiment with a filk-cycle, which is something like a drinking song, in that you can pick and choose from among several verses or just sing them all. I modified the chorus only slightly, since it's very catchy in its original form. The subjects are some of my favorite villains and antiheroes, usually from anime. Currently, I've done verses for: Nakago, Folken, Saitoh, Seishirou, and Vegeta. Of course it's a growing song, so new verses are always welcome. | More Story Info | Original Song Lyrics

Give it to us baby, uh huh, uh huh
Give it to us baby, uh huh, uh huh
Give it to us baby, uh huh, uh huh

And all the ladies say
I'm pretty fly ... for a bad guy

Uno dos tres, quattro cinco cinco, seis

[Nakago's verse (Fushigi Yuugi)]
Sexy Soi's on his lap, got a 'SHIN' on his forehead
Kutou's king under his thumb, his own teammates want him dead
Icy vengeance in his glare, deadly ki-balls in his grasp
Konan's seishi best step off or Nak'll fry Suzaku's ass

So don't debate, a villain straight
You know you really like it better that way
Gonna raze the fields and beat the shields
So clear the way, just clear the way

See without these guys it'd be all blue skies
Lots of 'Care Bear stares' and great big puppy-dog's eyes
(Y'know) The world needs a few bad guys
So hey, hey do that evil thing

[Folken's verse (Vision of Escaflowne)]
Some dragon ate his arm so he couldn't be a king
The Zaibach snapped him up now he's head of fate-making
Those cat-girls go crazy for his cloak and feathers black
But watch out for their claws or you'll wind up on your back

[Saitoh's verse (Rurouni Kenshin)]
This Shinsengumi captain ain't no neighborhood pig
Don't fuck with Mibu's wolf 'cause it's your own grave you'll dig
Shave your head off with his sword then he'll take another toke
Say 'Aku Soku Zan' and make a Battou-sai joke

[Seishirou's verse (Tokyo Babylon/X-1999)]
A smokin' Tokyo vet with a certain flair for style
Subaru's sweetie and the master of guile
Protecting Earth's life by destroying each kekkai
Once he's marked you with his seal, just kiss your ass good-bye

[Vegeta's verse (Dragonball Z)]
The noble Saiyan Prince, a soldier to his core
Gets the shit beat out of him, just jumps back in for more
He's Gokuu's bosom bud, got a cute kid named Trunks
Just the afro on his head could pop those Pokemon punks

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