Sketch Priceless: Vision of Escaflowne
- a television parody of "Vision of Escaflowne", a Japanese anime series
- by Mandisa Washington

Dilandau overlooks his fiery handiwork

(Since these are gifts, prices have been omitted. However, the gift-tag info has been included.)

Propane-powered Flamethrower
-- From the Dragon Slayers to Our Fearsome and Beloved Leader

Set of His and Hers Bed and Bath linens
-- From Dryden and Princess Millerna to Our Hopefully Loyal Subject

Services of Masseuse and Guymelef Pit Crew for a year
-- From Hitomi and King Van to Our Distant Friend

Night-light with Room-to-Room Voice monitor
-- From Heavenly Sir Allen to His Rambunctious Sister

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
-- From Folken, Naria and Eriya to Our High-Strung Comrade

Standing invitation to Michael Jackson's "Neverland" ranch
-- From Dornkirk and the Madoushi to Our Most Priceless Officer

There are some things intimidation and destruction can't get for you. For everything else, there's the Zaibachi Military Supplies Office. Their motto: We only provide the Best that Fate Redirection has to offer.

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