Sketch Priceless: Jonathan Creek
- a television parody of "Jonathan Creek", a British mystery series
- by Mandisa Washington

Maddie (Ms. Quentin) and Jonathan (Mr. Davies) looking quite intense

"Happy Birthday" balloons... 25 pounds

A tank of helium mixed with nitrous oxide (laughing gas)... 80 pounds

Two boxes of chocolates, one Godiva and one supermarket brand (her favorites)... 40 pounds

Potpourri and scented candles (he still thinks they're a scam, but the lighthouse just doesn't smell romantic)... 20 pounds

A big red ribbon and a box of novelty condoms (this is the era of "safe sex")... 30 pounds

Giving Maddie the best surprise (party) of her life... priceless

There are some things you can just request for your birthday. For everything else, there's True Magic (TM).

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