Sketch Priceless: Shishio, the Hot-Bodied Hitokiri
- a television parody of "Rurouni Kenshin", a Japanese anime series
- by Mandisa Washington

Shishio's ready to paint the town flaming red

Bandages (by the yard)... 50 dollars

Use of oxygen tank (by the day)... 1000 dollars

Skin grafts (by the square inch)... 2500 dollars

Surgeon to administer the skin grafts (by the hour)... 400 dollars

Doctor to monitor the grafting (by the hour)... 250 dollars

Court geisha to distract the patient (by the hour)... 500 dollars

Really strong subcutaneous corticoadrenal repressors, i.e. painkillers (by the dose)... 300 dollars

Holding autographed copies of Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" and Macchiavelli's "The Prince" in your bare hands... priceless

There are some things super-human mental and physical determination can't provide. For everything else, there's the Hitokiri's Association.

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