Crossword Puzzle #04: Clow Card Challenge
by Mandisa
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1 - This card hid in a tall tower
3 - Shows off its might (rhyme)
5 - The city was shaken
6 - A good card for a tryst (rhyme)
8 - Sonomi raced against Professor Kinomoto
10 - Something to get rid of pesky ex'es?
12 - Nadesico tried to drown Sakura
14 - Li was a "dainty" princess and Sakura did her Utena-impression
16 - A well-aimed one can win the jackpot (rhyme)
17 - Sakura learned what her "invincible spell" was
18 - Use it to get stuff off of high shelves
19 - A tune to lighten a day so long (rhyme)
2 - Touya fell down a cliff
3 - Sakura was in her pajamas
4 - Sakura went to a festival at a shrine
6 - Kaho's home disappeared
7 - This card took the form of a giant tiger
8 - Use it to get above it all
9 - If for the past you yearn... (rhyme)
11 - Li arrived as a transfer student
13 - Use it to get a bug's eye view
15 - A little of it can make your garden grow

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