Dragon Prince
  • Dragon Prince
  • The Star Scroll
  • Sunrunner's Fire

Dragon Star

  • Stronghold
  • The Dragon Token
  • Skybowl


  • The Ruins of Ambrai
  • The Mageborn Traitor
  • The Captal's Tower (unpub)

Melanie Rawn

2-1/2 of 5

Keeping it all in the family is what Melanie Rawn does best. Her stories form a sometimes inpenetrable web of familial ties and activities that stretch the capabilities of even the most genealogically-oriented readers. However, such blood bonds do not prevent the characters from pursuing often ruthless and destructive plots of political and personal intrigue. Quite the contrary, having siblings and cousins of equal magical gifts come down on opposing sides of the philosophical divide lends a certain devious twist to the usual 'Us vs. Them' struggle. On the whole, Rawn's books are dense but can be quite rewarding when tackled in rapid succession.

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