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Tasuki, et al. Seishi Symbols fr. Fushigi Yuugi
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Size: 48W x 60H (Tasuki), 75W x 60H (Tamahome), 50W x 60H (Nuriko), 53W x 56H (Nakago), 64W x 57H (Hotohori), 59W x 60H (Chichiri)
Backing: Hardanger Cloth, 22-gauge
Finished Size: ~2" x ~3"
Time Frame: days

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Colors Used: (DMC embroidery floss)
Tasuki: dk red ()
Nuriko: dk green ()

Japanese Kanji: Jeffrey's Kanji Server
Font: Harrington

Tasuki Seishi Symbol fr. Fushigi Yuugi

[Click for image of Nuriko's symbol]


Note: Since a fellow stitcher made a request for the remaining two Suzaku seishi, Mitsukake & Chiriko, I stepped up the pace a bit, and added another batch of patterns. You can find more Fushigi-related kanji patterns at the project pages for the Four Gods and the Shoujo Quilt Squares. Enjoy!

The kanji symbols borne by each of the seishi (Eng: star warriors) in Fushigi Yuugi are so strongly identified with the story's characters that they have become very popular subjects for fanart, mine included. These simple arrangements of a character's name and his/her corresponding symbol are very versatile, and can probably work quite nicely as a pocket decoration or greeting card. While I've only posted patterns for 6 seishi, I've got source material for all 28 seishi (scary!) that I may end up posting eventually. Given that Fushigi Yuugi is becoming another "series that won't die", perhaps the Genbu seishi will get some sort of project of their own.

For my Shoujo Quilt Squares project, I ended up reworking this motif into pairs, using smaller kanji (24pt instead of the 48pt used here). So if you like this look, but want something a bit different, check out the page for that project. Also, although I haven't stitched anything with them yet, I've got some patterns kicking around involving the 2-kanji pairs for the Four Gods: Suzaku, Seiryuu, Byakko, and Genbu. Eventually I'd like to work those into some larger project, perhaps with full-color images of the gods' animal forms. We'll see what pans out with that, but if anybody wants any of these kanji-only patterns before they're posted, just drop me a line or leave a message at the guestbook.

Originally these quickie patterns were a test case for some cross-stitch software I was trying out. While I ended up not buying the software, I liked the way the simple patterns looked and transcribed them into more portable formats. FYI, the Nuriko kanji was done entirely in basketweave tent stitch, just to see how it would look on that canvas. Personally, I think the Tasuki one came out better, but I've always been partial to that 'tsubasa' (Eng: wing) kanji. (I've got it painted on a paper fan, too.)

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