The Last Stitch

Tennyo Symbol fr. Ayashi no Ceres
[Cross-stitch] [Anime] [Mystic]

Size: 66W x 66H
Backing: Aida Cloth, 14-gauge
Finished Size: 4.75" x 4.75"
Time Frame: days

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Colors: 1
Colors Used: (DMC embroidery floss)
dk purple

Manga image

Tennyo Symbol fr. Ayashi no Ceres

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This nifty little guy was the first piece I did upon request. At the time, I had only heard about Ayashi no Ceres, and didn't have a clue what the heck a tennyo was. (If you don't either, the short version is "heavenly maiden", though the long version is much more interesting. Read the manga, it's in English now.) But, shortly before my aunt's birthday, she presented me with a printout of this symbol at an anime showing and asked for a pattern to match. Always pushing the envelope, I opted to stitch the thing as well, though I haven't quite been able to get her to take it off my hands. Now that I actually know the significance of this symbol, I'm thinking about making it into a dreamcatcher windchime, so it'll have a good home.

The not-quite-circular outline of this pattern always bugged me a little bit, so some years later, I've finally whipped up a new version, with a slightly altered outline. The little curlique hooks are changed as well, although everything else about the pattern, including its size, are the same. When and if I stitch the revised version, I'll post that for comparison. Evolution is key, no?

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