The Last Stitch

Lotis Symbol fr. Alice 19th
[Cross-stitch] [Anime] [Mystic]

Size: 118W x 118H
Backing: Hardanger Cloth, 22-gauge
Finished Size: 5.5" x 5.5"
Time Frame: weeks

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Colors: 3 - 5
Colors Used: (DMC embroidery floss)
dk brown, med brown, dk red-brown, dk yellow

Manga image

Lotis Symbol fr. Alice 19th

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Probably the most intricate symbol that I've designed a pattern for, this piece is rather larger than the small pendant it mimics. Images from manga (Japanese comics) are always challenging, because the black-and-white printing process leaves colors somewhat open to interpretation. Moreover, intricate line drawings don't always make the transition to cross-stitch well. In fact, I dropped some of the smaller gradations of color and line thickness from the original artwork in order to focus attention on the sinuous overall structure. Hopefully the resulting pattern stands up well as compared to Watase Yuu's complex mandala design.

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