Some Useful Sites, and those that I've Borrowed From

Just to reiterate, I don't keep this page updated much, but most of these sites are still up-and-running. Due in large part to the full-blown US release of Escaflowne anime on TV (well, for a while, at least) and at home, new sites and articles are constantly being created. So my best advice would be to do a search on your favorite search engine or check out the Anime Web Turnpike.

Notes on manga availability:
There are actually two (2) Japanese manga series affiliated with the Escaflowne story, one intended for boys and one for girls. One of the pair began before the TV series was released, so the character designs may be appear a bit different. Also, neither manga series matches the TV series plot progression, so if you're looking for something like the TV show, check out the five (5) Newtype film books.

Notes on movie availability:
In the summer of 2000, I believe, an Escaflowne feature-length movie was released in Japan. There were a few showings Stateside for special events and fan audiences, but there are strong rumors that a commercial release is forthcoming. My guess is that the movie will be made available for the home, rather than as a full theatrical extravaganza, but who knows?

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