Was it a dream...or an illusion?

Have you ever wished for something...
really strongly, putting your whole heart and spirit into it? Was there a little voice in your head saying that wishes don't come true because of will alone...that things happen because of people's actions or because of fate or God or whatever? Did you still wish or pray just as strongly?
Did your wish come true?


Have you ever known someone...
who knew all of your secrets, desires and faults and loved you anyway? Were there mental or physical obstacles keeping you from sharing your deepest feelings with that person (or vice-versa)?
Did you acknowledge your feelings as love?


Have you ever missed out on a beautiful story...
because of cultural or economic obstacles? Did that story blend heartaching romance, gritty violence and the scientific pursuit of knowledge while classical symphonies and quasi-religious chanting played in the background?
Have you seen Vision of Escaflowne?


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