VideoHitomi, Take My Hand
- a remixed anime video to the tune of "Take My Hand" (Dido)
- by Mandisa Washington

Details:Yes, this is another Escaflowne Van & Hitomi romance video. I made this as a sort of remembrance of 10 years of my Esca fandom (ah, has it been that long?!). Van and Hitomi are still one of my favorite anime couples, and the Esca-universe always struck me as particularly rich and entertaining, so hopefully that comes across here. Truly, there's probably more action here than romance, mostly because I'm not a big fan of "dramatic pose" AMVs, since you don't really know what the characters are so deep in thought about. Still, the evolution of the relationship between the two lost & lonely teens is at the core of this video, and I tried to enslave the action to that story (and to the music), rather than vice-versa.

Ambitiously, I wanted to avoid as many Esca-video oft-used scenes and tropes as possible. Once I'd finished rough-editing, I took a look at several of the more popular Esca videos posted on (especially Cailet730's Ordinary Day fr. 2002 and dwchang's Glory of Love fr. 2003), and Ah, shades!, there are some scenes in common, but I guess there are some that you can't call yourself an Esca-video without. *shrug-sigh*

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