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not to stray off the topic..but dont they look kawaii?
Look at's a good look for him...^_-

These were photocopied and shipped across the globe to me by Soujiro no Miko.
WAI!! Arigatou Miko-sama ^_^

Allright, before I go any further, perhaps I should let you all know that at this point, my japanese goes no further than "Watashi wa baka yo". And I probably said that wrong which should make what I said, all the more true -_-; Thankfully though, Soujiro no Miko helped clue me in a little on what going on here. She's a good Miko ^_^

Here's what I did. I've scanned each page and will present them one at a time with as good an explanation as I can give at the bottom. Sound good? Good!