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in order that we know them
(we're to busy prostrating before the great ShiShio-sama to alphabetize :P)


Homepage :
Psychological Analysis : "Me? On medication??? Actually, I do take Tylenol....but I find that for my really tough headaches, Excedrin just works *better* ^_~"
And what brings *you* here today? : "*hmpf* I'm just being supportive of my Sou-chan *folds arms and gives an affirmative nod* besides....if ShiShio *does* take over the world, don't you think it would be a good idea to be on his good side? Hmmmmmm????
*looks away*
don't tell them I said that will you....."

Battousai no Miko

Homepage :The Battousai Shrine
Psychological Analysis : "Hmmm, well I'm definitely not committed, just call me a conspirator for my own purposes ^_~"
And what brings *you* here today? : " perpetuate Battousai worship among actual loyal ShiShio worshipers *whohohohohoho*"

Ryu Cheese

Homepage : Misao the Weasel Girl Shrine
Psychological Analysis : "Well, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't completely insane, but if your head contains any kind of intelligence, you probably already figured that one out for yourself >=oD"
And what brings *you* here today? : "I go wherever Misao-chan goes! And she's hiding around here somewhere, I KNOW IT! Misao, to hell with Aoshi!!! Come get some CHEESE!!!"

His Royal Highness, Jay

Homepage : Ranma1/2 Land
Psychological Analysis : He thinks he's the king. Nuff said ^_^;;
And what brings *you* here today? : "Why not?"

Fujita Tokio

Homepage : Kuni Tori & Mibu no Ookami:The Lair of Saitou Hajime
Psychological Analysis :
have you ever been committed? : "YUP! I am committed to making sure Saitou & Shishio-sama become the most popular Rurouni Kenshin characters EVER! I'll settle for nothing less then Total Domination of the character polls! Umm.. wait, did you mean committed as in "Time for your medication, Tokio" committed? If so, then I have been a resident ( of my own free will mind you ) of Shady Acres for about.... 3 years now."

are you on medication? : "Uh, actually... yes, I'm supposed to be on meds, but I hide the pills. After all, they make the voices go away, and the voices give me all kinds of neat ideas....he he he..."

And what brings *you* here today? : "It's easy. I want to help him take over the WORLD wide web. Why do I like him? He's a power hungry, charismatic, charming, sociopath with a great sense of humor. Besides, nobody can fill out a package of ace bandages like Mako-chan!"

Anything else you have to say? : "SHISHIO-SAMA! SHISHIO-SAMA! SHISHIO-SAMA!"

naki (aka Chibi-A-chan)

Homepage : The Baka no Miko's Shrine to the bizarre of anime aka Nakago's & Tomo's bishounen playground.
Psychological Analysis : " Yes I have but it was done by friends and I am assuming it was a joke. Denial? No drugs needed. My body produces speed naturally. High on life? Anime? ^_-"
And what brings *you* here today? : "Every cool villain deserves a following. They have to constantly let the 'good guys' win. I know how it feels. I could have just killed Miaka off with a spirit ball, but no Watase-san wanted to drag it out for 18 mangas. And he helped get Soujirou-chan into a whole arc of beautiful Kenshin animation. ^_^"

Sekihara Ranma ("He left without paying.. Ano..")

Psychological Analysis : "Certifiably insane, but that doesn't mean I'm not a nice guy!! >/"
have you ever been committed? : "Errr... Maaaaybe! ;D"

for how long? : "... Confidential!! Er, but long enough to snag some great medication. Ho ho ho..! "

Oh, so you're on medication... : " Medication? Me? o.o; Er, oh, wait, already blew the cover *last* time.. Er, maaaaaybe! >D"

And what brings *you* here today? : "Muahahaha, because if you happen to think a guy in bandages with a girlish tenken for a sidekick and an overly busty lover is GOD, then this simply is a must!"
Anything else you have to say? : " ... Ore ga tatakau mokuteki wa...mukashi mo ima...tada hitotsu. Ore jishin no seigi no tame da. Sunawachi, Aku Soku Zan."

Kenneth Chan

Homepage : A Secluded Shrine To Hannya
Psychological Analysis : " Shosen kono yo wa jakkunikkukyoshoko. Tsuyo kereba iku yowa kereba shinu. But i still say don't kill without reason.:) unless you piss me off, then it's hunting season! "
And what brings *you* here today? : " I must find out the secret of Shishio's indestructible bandages that cannot burn or tear even after something explodes on them.(well, maybe they tear just a little.) Plus, I lost my lighter."
Anything else you have to say? : " SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Enishi no Miko (AKA Ryuuen no Miko)

Homepage: The Enishi Shrine & The Kenshin Gallery
Psychological Analysis :
have you ever been committed? : "Ummm... they told me I didn't have to tell anyone about that. ¬_¬;;"

okay, for how long? : "Let's just say I have a season pass... ^^;;"

are you on medication? : "Nope. The nice nurse said they're just Tic Tacs."

And what brings *you* here today? : "Umm... because Shishio-san is kakkoi! What a lame answer. -_-;; Because I worship Enishi, and Shishio is insane and awesome just like Enishi, so... um... yeah."

Gundam Azrael

Psychological Analysis : "Commited what?"
And what brings *you* here today? : " Just likes the way he is. His attitudes and his ways and his style in swordmanship (sword techniques). Is not that I love him, I just like the way he thinks and besides his attitudes matches mine; ambitious, hates how everything runs, vengeful, and thinks very deep and analytical. And I also like his sword techniques."

Makoto Jason

Homepage : Makoto productions
Psychological Analysis : "Lets see have I been committed ofcourse they thought i was crazy for attempting to burn Boston.....Um attempting to attack New York by sea so on and so on."
And what brings *you* here today? : "Well obviously SSO is the man gonna be like him someday. But my sword isnt like his that kinda sucks huh?"
Anything else you have to say? : " I failed once but so does everyone watch out New York and Boston"

Shawn Karan

Psychological Analysis :
have you ever been committed? : "yes...i think...."

are you on medication? : "no i am not on medication"

And what brings *you* here today? : "I like shishio very much!!!! "

Anything else you have to say? : "Kenshin is the best manga ever!!Shishio is the coolest baddie ever!!"


Psychological Analysis : "weird"
And what brings *you* here today? : "Show that Shishio is actually right in his own ways"
Anything else you have to say? : "Despite the fact that Shishio is a bad guy who has a crazy and degenerative philosophy, I think this Hikitori Battousai is just as cool and awesome as our beloved Kenshin. Like what Himura-kun insighted in the end of the episode where he defeats Shishio--he's not all that different."
"Have fun in hell Shishio! You're a good guy for once!""


Homepage : Otaku University
Psychological Analysis
: " Line between fantasy and reality? What the HELL is that?! I've never heard of such a thing!!"
have you ever been committed? : " Where _I_ come from, my behavior is perfectly acceptable. ^_^"

are you on medication? : "Anime is my drug, my religion, my reality! "Got to live the life you create inside your head!"

And what brings *you* here today? : "I'm a guy, and you might expect me to say that I want a shot at Yumi, but I've no interest in making Shishio-sama angry (although she's hot, I'm tellin' ya!). Besides worshiping the Wrapped One, I want a shot at Kamatari! ^___^ Meh-heh-heh. ;P 'Tis a great advantage to appreciate beauty in males, especially when all the attractive females nearby are taken."


Psychological Analysis : "........"

And what brings *you* here today? : "make friends with other RK fans!!!"

Yaya Han - Ken-ni

Psychological Analysis : "........."

And what brings *you* here today? : "Besides the reason to find more fanatic Kenshin-Otakus, I as Kenshin just loved the old mummy-man as an enemy! Even if he bit out a hole in my shoulder... growl... degosaru! But it was a good fight, and I admit, that I did not really won, because ShiShio died of his heat inside. Degosaru. ShiShio is really the coolest and toughest mummy I have ever seen! Compared to the one in Slayers, for example! It was so sad, when Yumi and he died - I had to cry, sob..."

Anything else you have to say? : "And... goooosh, Makoto was soooo gooooodloooking, when he was not burned, the poor guy! I also love the relationship between him and Yumi, and that Kamatari (I love this guy too, he and Nuriko could be brothers!) and So-chan (he is definitively the cutest!) and Hoji admire him so much, because of his strength and stubbornness (hehe!)... Watsuki really created a perfect villain, who would even concur the underworld!"

Dave Ahn

Psychological Analysis :
have you ever been committed? : "almost but it wasnt my fault!"

And what brings *you* here today? : "i want to kill shishio for giving me 20/70 vision, i mean for blinding me! Ive been wandering around untill a found a stream and found that i had shin gun!(well and that a pair of glasses were lying on the ground)"

"also i share his love of Darwin"

Anything else you have to say? : " how does cho go from being person who would be a baby murderer to become a police detective? Man the meiji government must be hard up. "

"too bad they didnt show shishio 3rd special attack in action, i wonder what it is beside a swirling sword flame thing."


Homepage : *click here*
Psychological Analysis : " They won't let me have mine taken; I scare the doctors."
have you ever been committed? : "nope, but I think it would be cool! ^.^;; My sister went, i visited her often. she was in the "homicidal" room. I like fighting. Can I have a riceball?"

are you on medication? : "prozac, does that count? ^o^"

And what brings *you* here today? : "Because I'm in love with EVERYONE on the show. I'd die for Kenshin. I'd kill to fight Aoshi (hot sekushii thang). I'd... do ANYTHING for Rurouni Kenshin stuff. I scarred my boyfriend's cheek so he'd look more like kenshin. He didn't mind. Is that odd? (I DIDN'T MEAN TO!! ::Sniffs:: Dumb knife...kinda slipped out.. . Kenshin's so hot...)"

Anything else you have to say? : " Can I have my riceball yet?"

*Soujiro silently hands her a riceball*

Misao Makimachi

Homepage : *click here*
Psychological Analysis : "Eh...well... i'm not a pacific girl, i'm not a good girl, i'm very crazy... and... that... and i don't understand the questions because i speak spanish, and my english is very, very bad! >( "

And what brings *you* here today? : "Well, i want to join at this fanclub because shishio is cool, (but never more than soujiro :) ) and also, i want to join this fanclub because my dog's name is Phibrizo, and because my name is Misao and because there is a spider in my room, and many others serious reasons!"

Anything else you have to say? : "...ah.. well, only that.......... and ....... that...... Mata ne!"

" My true name is of little importance, soon all will call me master."

Psychological Analysis :
have you ever been committed? : "I have never been committed but I think it might have helped"

are you on medication? : "I don't take medication, but I found that it is very therapeutic to dress myself in bandages like Shishio, run around sliceing people to bits then drink their blood."

And what brings *you* here today? : "I am here because I am jealous of Shishio. Kenshin has my hair, Sanosuke has my pleasant disposition, but Shishio has my respect not to mention an expensive hoar. "

"I want an expensive hoar one that won't run away when I start slaughtering the weak."

Anything else you have to say? : "Shishio has got it all he's tough, he's got ravising good looks, and a hoar. What is there not to like about this guy. "

Hi no Miko

Homepage : *click here*
Psychological Analysis
: "Well, they've never actually managed to commit me. No, I'm not on medication, unless you count the caffeine addiction."

And what brings *you* here today? : "I want to join this club because Shishio was really amazing. He had such....dedication to his cause. Especially deciding to take over hell once he...passed on....I wanna be just like Kamatari! (except I'm a REAL girl)"

Anything else you have to say? : "AND I WANT SOUJIROU-CHAN!!!!! (I guess I don't wanna be *just* like Kamatari after all, but I'm afraid that if I went after Shishio-sama, Yumi-san would hurt me.)"

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