(pardon the pink...we left Kamatari in charge of decorating...)

Kamatari: Hey! I think its pretty!
Yumi: *hmph* you would....
Kamatari: *glares* did you say something?
Hoji: *sigh* Ignore them. Welcome to the We Love ShiShio Fanclub!
Yumi: Hai! I, the *president* welcome you on behalf of ShiShio-sama.
Kamatari: NANI?? I thought *I* was the president.
Yumi: *laughs* I dont think so. We both know ShiShio loves me more.
Kamatari: Why you!

Yumi: How dare you!


Hoji: *Watching with little interest* Ahem...I thought it was clear. *I* am the president. After all, this was my idea...

*Yumi and Kamatari stop from killing each other long enough to turn to Hoji*

Yumi and Kamatari: SHUT UP!!

*All hell breaks loose*

"Suck up!"

*Soujiro wanders in amidst the chaos*

Soujiro : "Oh wow! Shishio-sans Fanclub! Hmm... *looks at the current state of his fellow officers* Hehe...ah, I think everyone is a bit preoccupied at the moment, but that's okay. I'll just have to perform like all 4 officers!


Konichiwa! Watashi Seta Soujiro, acting President of the We Love ShiShio Fanclub! Attached to my arm is my assistant Danielle. Any feedback, questions and donations can be sent to her."

*Danielle grins and gives a victory sign*
We hope you enjoy your stay and join the club! ShiShio-san Forever! hehe ^_^

Hoji: weaklings have come to worship his holiness
Danielle: ano....*sweatdrops*....

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