Wow... am I lame or what? Okay, okay, so I've done nothing to this place. I suck all sorts of interesting florescent colors. Sue me. I've prettied it up a bit though and moved it to my domain.

Maybe I'll work on it some more... maybe not.
Even though I've moved on from Kenshin - making fun of Shishio never grows old ^_~

ShiShio cookies! Burnt to perfection ^_~


What? No one else brave enough to join? ;_;

Oh well, screw you then ;P We have new stuff in mercendise.

ShiShio cookies! Burnt to perfection ^_~


Added lots of members ^_^;;;

basically, if you joined anytime these past two months, you are now officially in. Gomen about the delay...those responsible have been sacked.

Soujiro : And dont forget to check out the exclusive photo of ShiShio-san dancing in Misc. Jibbergabber!!!

Hoji : Hai!! Just getting him to take that picture was an experience....

Kamatari : But he's *such* a good dancer...

Yumi and Kamatari : *swoon*

Hoji : *sweatdrop*

Soujiro : Danielle-san I need my arm.....


Added members David, Yaya Han-Ken-ni and Dave Ahn

Added The Official Fanclub March to Misc. Jibbergabber ^_~


Added member Voidstar.
Misc. Jibbergabber section ^_^

oh....and added this little update thingading too....can't remember when I did everything else...gomen ^_^;;;