Darling wa Namamono ni tsuki

This was the one that started it all...

The basic plot is: Woman meets man while she's working part-time at a hostess club (where all the other hostesses are men in drag). He cops a feel after spilling a drink on her. The next day, she meets same man at her day job. He's a doctor, she's an OL. Next thing you know, they're married. Wacky hijinks ensue. ^_^

The series began in 1997, and is still running in Petit Comic.


Fresh Darling - a basic summary of the story. If the covers look slightly different, it's because they're the Chinese versions of the magna.

Emi's Manga Journal - until recently, this was the only place I'd found with even a bit of a summary of this series. You've got to scroll down a bit to find it though (near the bottom, dated September 29, 2000).


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the isbns link to pics of the back of each tankoubon

volume 1
isbn: 4-09-137361-5

volume 2
isbn: 4-09-137362-3
volume 3
isbn: 4-09-137363-1
volume 5
isbn: 4-09-137365-8
more pictures
volume 7
isbn: 4-09-137367-4