the manga of Yuki Yoshihara

It all started because of Watase Yuu. Despite the fact that we have all of her works, every time we're in Asahiya, Danielle & I must make a stop at the Watase Yuu section to see how she's doing. On one such trip, lo & behold, a random tankoubon was stuck in the Watase row. Pulling out the offending title, we couldn't help but look at the cover. Once we found the right shelf to put it on, we discovered that the other covers by the same mangaka were just as intriguing. Since all manga in Asahiya are encased in plastic, we made a note to look for the title in Bookoff where we'd be able to flip through & see if it was worth buying (for less than full price). Luckily, there were several volumes at Bookoff, which I quickly swiped up.

A quick online search revealed precious little information. There's the really basic and incomplete info on Prisims, and a brief mention on one of the general shoujo sites. Unfortunately, there's not much else online.

No matter, I decided to create this mini-shrine/gallery to spread the word about Yuki Yoshihara. So what if I know only the simplest of Japanese. It's fairly easy to deduce what's going on most of the time ^_^

All of Yuki-san's works are light-hearted sex comedies. Although they're classified as shoujo, they're not for younger fans as there are a fair amount of graphic sex scenes (if you think the sex in Ayashi no Ceres or Kaikan Phrase was too graphic, this is not the mangaka for you).


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Darling wa Namamono ni tsuki

Haa Haa


Mata Mata O-Bo-Re-Ta-I

Cinderella ni naritai