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[WIDO] {Trust}
[JATA] {Jealousy}
[SAKUA] {Wisdom}
[SHINI] {Despair}


{10th Word of Lotis}

Known Wielders: Kyou
Counter-Word: SURA
Kyou starts to open up his feelings

Struggling with his uncle Yuuki, and with his own feelings of insecurity and guilt, Kyou is at the mercy of SURA. Even the other Neo-Masters cannot help him until he realizes that only by letting his love for his relatives emerge can they become a true family. (Ch. 24) | Return to Index


{12th Word of Maram}

Known Wielders: Samuel-as-Mayura
Counter-Word: RIIYA
Samuel-as-Mayura plays on Kazuki's tender feelings
Kazuki assaults Alice with harmful intent
Alice knocks the wind out of Kazuki
Kyou pays for his "betrayal" of Mayura

Pitting friend against friend, "Shadow Mayura" sets up Kazuki to hear Kyou's inevitable rejection of her feelings. When the innocent boy tries to console the girl he's held a silent crush on, Mayura casts the spike of JATA upon his heart. (Ch. 25) Blinded with Maram-fueled lust for Mayura's promised "reward", Kazuki ambushes little Alice in the gym equipment room after practice with obviously sinister intentions. (Ch. 26) Kazuki's wounded pride, as manifested and amplified by JATA, is a tangible force used to bludgeon first Alice, then Kyou. (Ch. 28) | Return to Index


{?? Word of Lotis}

Known Wielders: none Nyozeka lectures Alice

During a brief moment of calm, Nyozeka tells Alice about the non-martial uses of the Lotis, including the use of SAKUA as a study aid. (Ch. 26) | Return to Index

Despair, Hopelessness

{?? Word of Maram}

Known Wielders: Samuel-as-Mayura
Counter-Word: RIIYA
Alice gets a sharp reception at the Archery club

To combat Alice's declaration to join the Archery club, despite her newly acquired reputation as "school slut", Mayura casts SHINI on the malleable archery students. Now devoid of will and thought, they take ritual hazing to a dangerous new level. (Ch. 28) | Return to Index

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