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[RAMITO] {Destruction}
[SURA] {Rage}
[KASHA] {Spleen}
[ARETO] {Restraint}


{?? Word of Maram}

Known Wielders: Mayura
Counter-Word: KARA
Mayura tries her hand at surgery

Bringing her own spin on the idea that most accidents happen in the bathroom, Mayura breaks the glass shower door into ready-to-use shards using RAMITO. The shards are intended for a quivering, naked Alice, caught by SHANA and unable to use the Lotis. Luckily for Alice, Kyou comes to the rescue, with a little bit of KARA to provide a shield against the thousand knives. (Ch. 19) | Return to Index


{6th Word of Maram}

Known Wielders: Mayura, Samuel
Counter-Word: RIIYA, WIDO
Mayura streaks with a vengeance
Alice gets the Smackdown, Maram-style
Kyou's uncle gets a power-up of evil
Even the Neo-Masters are powerless to help Kyou

Enraged at Kyou's interference in her bathroom battle with Alice, Mayura storms off naked through the house. She flings a blazing backwash of SURA at Frey and Nyozeka as she flees the scene. Frey manages to ignore the free show however, and is ready to defend himself and the rabbit-girl with rings of RIIYA (without the earring-shield, remarkably). (Ch. 19) Defending mercilessly against her sister's lofty rescue attempts, Mayura strikes Alice down to earth with a lightning bolt of SURA. (Ch. 21) Showing off the indirect abilities of SURA, Samuel casts the word upon Kyou's uncle Yuuki. (Ch. 23) Brimming with rage and enveloped in the fire of SURA, Yuuki is able to toss even Frey aside, and strangles a nearly catatonic Kyou. (Ch. 24) | Return to Index


{9th Word of Maram}

Known Wielders: Samuel
Counter-Word: ARETO
Kyou's aunt is hopelessly outmatched against Samuel
Kyou takes a hurtful trip down memory lane

Handling the removal of Kyou's aunt & uncle with relish, Samuel uses KASHA to fill the little restaurant with a noxious miasma. (Ch. 23) We can see the results when Kyou's aunt Maki vents all her suppressed resentment upon her foster child and reminds Kyou of all the disappointed foster families he's left behind. (Ch. 24) | Return to Index


{9th Word of Lotis}

Known Wielders: Frey
Counter-Word: KASHA
Frey frees Kyou's aunt Maki from Samuel's influence

Trying desperately to wake Kyou from his catatosis, Frey releases ARETO to counter the cloud produced by KASHA. Unfortunately, it is not enough to restore Kyou, although his aunt Maki is able to recover in time. (Ch. 24) | Return to Index

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