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[DAARA] {Storm}
[SHIBI] {Calm}
[RAJIKA] {Death}
[UTEI] {Awakening}


{?? Word of Maram}

Known Wielders: Samuel, Mayura
Counter-Word: SHIBI
Samuel tries to take Alice's breath away

In an attempt to rid his mistress of Alice altogether, Samuel, in the guise of Mayura, launches an attack on the young Lotis Master using DAARA. Though he hoped to whip the very breath from her body, Alice's hold on the Lotis was too great for his skills. (Ch. 28) | Return to Index


{13th Word of Lotis}

Known Wielders: Alice
Counter-Word: DAARA
Alice finds her voice

Unwilling to fall to the same muting attack twice, Alice quickly regains her breath when struck by an onslaught of DAARA. (Ch. 28) | Return to Index


{?? Word of Maram}

Known Wielders: Samuel
Counter-Word: UTEI
Samuel puts an end to things

Acutely aware of Alice's increasing effect on Mayura's will, Samuel tries to overwhelm Alice with a RAJIKA-enhanced arrow at point-blank range. Even though the odds were clearly in his favor, fate was unkind to the youthful-seeming Maram Master that day. (Ch. 28) | Return to Index


{?? Word of Lotis}

Known Wielders: Mei-Lin
Counter-Word: RAJIKA
Mei-Lin comes to the rescue

Springing onto the scene just in time to save Alice, Mei-Lin, the Neo Master from China, wholly disrupts Samuel's hold on the Archery club and disintegrates his pesky RAJIKA-arrow. (Ch. 28) | Return to Index

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