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[SAN] {Friendship}
[JETA] {Struggle}
[PAASA] {Truth}


{15th Word of Lotis}

Known Wielders: Kyou
Counter-Word: JATA
Kyou casts out the spectre of jealousy

Upon learning of his friend Kazuki's secret love for Mayura, Kyou restores the bonds of friendship between them using SAN. Kyou barely has time to embrace his dazed and confused friend before the nearby battle between Alice and Samuel catches up to them. (Ch. 28) | Return to Index


{6th Word of Lotis}

Known Wielders: Billy Billy sends Samuel packing

Billy, the laid-back Neo Master from the U.S., arrives almost too late to save Kyou from another forced invitation to the dark side. (Ch. 29) This scene includes another hint about Kyou's mysterious past and his criminal father, which hopefully gets some resolution in the coming finale. | Return to Index


{2nd Word of Lotis}

Known Wielders: Billy Billy sees the truth within Kyou

Following the loss of his friend, Kyou is in need of some spiritual healing, which Billy is happy to provide. But the American Lotis Master uses PAASA to find the darkness within Kyou's soul, and comes across the mark of MUDORU. Advising the lad to tell Alice his true feelings and thereby break the curse, Billy helps Kyou when no one else could. (Ch. 29) | Return to Index

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