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[MANU] {Barrier}
[PAYA] {Degenerate}
[NIRU] {Stop}
[MUDORU] {Curse}


{23rd Word of Maram}

Known Wielders: Mayura Papa Seno offers Mayura a healing hug
Nyozeka is one caged, pissed bunny

Foiled in her attempt to bring her father across to the dark side of the Inner Heart, Mayura deflects Papa Seno's embrace with a burst of MANU. The poor man is thrown to the ground for his trouble, causing Alice to send him away from the scene in the hopes of protecting him. Mayura is quick to follow up on her defensive manuever by binding Alice hand, foot, and neck with a stone arch materialized by MATSU. (Ch. 15) Back in the Real World, Mayura uses a tidy bit of MANU to trap Nyozeka, leaving Alice vulnerable to attack in the bath. (Ch. 19) | Return to Index


{?? Word of Maram}

Known Wielders: Darva
Counter-Word: BUIMUKU
Mayura falls for Darva, literally

Making a grand appearance, Darva (alt. Darubya) arrives in Papa Seno's Inner Heart in time to relieve Mayura, who has collapsed during her brief confrontation with Alice. A deep pit carved by PAYA would seem to provide an excellent escape route, but just in time, Frey and Kyou free Alice and demand Mayura's release. Darva has a chilly and formal exchange with Frey (in full Lotsan Priesthood regalia) and then complies, releasing Mayura into the deep, dark pit! Once again, BUIMUKU saves the day when Alice and Kyou use the Lotis in a startling new way to arrest the unconscious Mayura's free fall. | Return to Index


{18th Word of Maram}

Known Wielders: Mayura, Samuel
Counter-Word: BUIMUKU
Mayura makes a little "quiet time" for Kyou
Alice faces the jagged edge
Kazuki must beware Samuel-as-Mayura's touch
Witness Mayura's phenomenal cosmic power

Unwilling to accept Kyou's decision to break-up, Mayura holds Kyou caught out of time using NIRU. Frozen and unconscious, Kyou is subjected to Mayura's tender mercies. Meanwhile, Alice is also held captive by NIRU, but with Nyozeka at her side, she breaks the stranglehold using a hard-won BUIMUKU. (Ch. 17) Later, Mayura torments Alice directly with some bathtime fun and a few of the many uses of NIRU and RAMITO. Shards of broken glass en route to Alice's exposed body are halted in mid-flight by Mayura, not out of pity, but so that she can skin her sister slowly, piece by piece. (Ch. 19) | Return to Index


{1st Word of Maram}

Known Wielders: Mayura The mark of Mayura, or Zorro?
Kyou feels the pangs of love

During Mayura's NIRU-maintained romantic interlude with Kyou, she plants a kiss and a curse of MUDORU on his bared chest. Upon the arrival of Alice and Nyozeka, the lascivious Maram Master-in-training steps away from Kyou, but not before pointing out her lovers' parting gift. Nyozeka wearily explains to a distraught Alice about MUDORU's use as a lethal enforcer of monogamy. Quite ironically, this is the point in the story when Kyou realizes and begins to publicly acknowledge his love for Alice. It will be quite interesting to see if the Lotis posse can lift the curse before Mayura plays the ace I'm sure she's got up those lacy sleeves. | Return to Index

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