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[MATSU] {Restrain}
[BUIMUKU] {Release}
[RAJE] {Light}
[YUGU] {Wood}


{?? Word of Maram}

Known Wielders: Mayura
Counter-Word: BUIMUKU
Mayura luring Kyou to the dark side
Alice is primed for torture
Alice & Kyou fighting with the masses

The first Maram word introduced, MATSU is used by none other than Mayura, Alice's missing sister. Making a reappearance when Kyou's self-worth was at low ebb, Mayura used MATSU to try to bring her beau and her sister into the Mara-laden web of ill-will that she inhabits. Luckily, Frey was on hand to free the dynamic duo with BUIMUKU. (Ch. 9) Later, when repulsing an attempted rescue of Papa Seno, Mayura binds her sister in a punishment arch made of floating stone. (Ch. 15) | Return to Index


{23rd Word of Lotis}

Known Wielders: Frey, Kyou, Alice
Counter-Word: MATSU
Frey snapping Mayura's MATSU-ropes
Kyou blasting Ooishi's emotional walls
Frey begs entry into Mayura's room
Alice's rocky prison is broken
The Wings of BUIMUKU
Mayura makes a little "quiet time" for Kyou
Frey saves Alice & Kyou from the masses
Alice takes flight against Mayura
Alice breaks the hold of JATA

Both strong and versatile, BUIMUKU can be used to aggressively combat Maram spells (Ch. 9) and to overcome obstacles of the Inner Heart (Ch. 10). Also, Frey accords it the additional meanings "wind" and "feather", which could make it the second Elemental Lotis word (after IRU-Fire). BUIMUKU also has the power of flight, and is used with surprising results both in the Inner Heart (Ch. 15) and in the Real World (Ch. 21, 27). | Return to Index


{17th Word of Lotis}

Known Wielders: Frey Frey banishing Mayura's cloud of bad vibes

A cloud of pure light to counter the Mara-spawned dark clouds, RAJE saved the day when Mayura tried to lure Kyou away to the dark side. (Ch. 9) | Return to Index


{24th Word of Lotis}

Known Wielders: Frey Frey building a shelter for Kyou

A practical sort of Lotis, YUGU has only been used to create a shelter within Ooishi-san's Heart. Although Frey implies that the Lotis shouldn't be used for mundane purposes, it's difficult to imagine how the Maram might be stopped with such a passive Word. (Ch. 9) | Return to Index

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