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[DANA] {Water}
[DISURI] {Hatred}
[SHANA] {Hunger}
[MANOU] {Affection}


{3rd Word of Lotis}

Known Wielders: Frey Frey building a shelter for Kyou
Frey's desperate DANA-induced waterspout

The third Elemental Lotis Word, DANA has the potential to be quite devastating, although it could not counter the strength of Ooishi's SHANA. (Ch. 10) To Frey's credit, he successfully used DANA in weaving his desert oasis for Kyou's benefit. (Ch. 9) | Return to Index


{10th Word of Maram}

Known Wielders: Ooishi
Counter-Word: DANA
Ooishi attacking the Friendly Four

Under the influence of the multi-eyed, Ball o' Mara, Ooishi battered Alice & Co. using DISURI and SHANA. Even the inestimable Frey could not wholly defeat this Word, only stem its destructive power using DANA. (Ch. 10) | Return to Index


{3rd Word of Maram}

Known Wielders: Ooishi, Mayura
Counter-Word: MANOU
Ooishi wiping the floor with Frey
Mayura gets Alice all steamed up

Continuing her onslaught, Ooishi used SHANA against Alice & Co. as she withdrew further into the multi-eyed, Ball o' Mara. Frey's desperate counter-attack with DANA was basically fruitless, but Alice was later successful using MANOU. (Ch. 10) Back at home, Mayura decided to teach little Alice a valuable lesson in bathroom safety by burning her using some SHANA-enhanced steam. (Ch. 19) | Return to Index


{1st Word of Lotis}

Known Wielders: Alice
Counter-Word: SHANA
Alice opens her heart to Ooishi-san

Coming to the fore to save herself and her friends from Ooishi-san's Mara-guided wrath, Alice came up with the counter-Word MANOU all on her own. (Ch. 10) This peaceful defense stands in stark contrast to Frey's confrontational methods. It's possible that Alice's emotional counter to Ooishi's loneliness is a foreshadowing of her possible future encounter with her sister, Mayura. | Return to Index

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