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[RANGU] {Courage}
[KARA] {Protection}
[RIIYA] {Wall}
[IRU] {Fire}

Courage, Bravery

{19th Word of Lotis}

Known Wielders: Alice Alice fighting Tatsuya
A little everyday courage
The Lion of RANGU
Alice boldly faces Mayura

First used by Seno Alice in defense against the attack of Matsujou Tatsuya, a first-year student with a misdirected obsession for Alice. Tied down by barbed wires, amidst a sandy school landscape, RANGU tossed Matsujou-kun into a wall like a rag doll. (Ch. 5) The crux lies in whether or not Alice can master RANGU and gain the courage to tell her feelings to Kyou and to her sister, Mayura. After Alice accepts the Mirror of Lotis, she unleashes a huge Lion, the Spiritual Beast form of RANGU, against Mayura's MATSU-controlled innocents. (Ch. 21) Finally, after many struggles, Alice gains the confidence to stand against Mayura, although she still has far to go in order to truly reach her sister. (Ch. 28) | Return to Index


{16th Word of Lotis}

Known Wielders: Kyou, Frey Kyou fighting vampire-like Mara
Frey saves Alice's mom
Frey building a shelter for Kyou
Kyou puts a circle of protection around Alice
Kyou saves Alice from a deadly face-lift
Kyou strikes a few poses
Christopher's house has Lotis-brand security

First used by Wakamiya Kyou to defend Alice and Mayura from an attacking vampire-like Mara within the heart of Matsujou-kun. While KARA was able to protect Alice from a rain of serpent-arrows, it could not stop the Mara from absorbing Mayura. (Ch. 5) Frey, the charismatic Norse Neo-Master, used KARA to rescue Alice's mother from the black-ooze Mara trying to engulf her heart. (Ch. 6) Deftly combining Lotis Words, Frey wove together KARA, YUGU & DANA to produce a shelter for Kyou during the mission into Ooishi-san's Inner Heart. (Ch. 9) After a string of daring rescues using KARA, Kyou finds that it does have some limitations, when he tries, hilariously, to teleport downtown to face Mayura. (Ch. 21) | Return to Index

Wall, Barrier

{7th Word of Lotis}

Known Wielders: Frey, Alice Frey fighting black-ooze Mara
Frey in a tight spot
Nyozeka is saved from a singe
A little Lotis makes any house safer
Alice saves herself from Kazuki
Alice declines the Archery members' welcome

Frey used RIIYA to protect the young Lotis Masters from the black-ooze Mara taking hold of Alice's mum. Completely casual and totally confident in his abilities, Frey went on to blast away the ooze using IRU. (Ch. 6) Later, Frey could barely hold off Ooishi's attack using his RIIYA-enhanced earring. (Ch. 10) It seems that while KARA can be used as an aggressive defense of any form, RIIYA is more of a reflexive sort of defense tied to an object or shape. Although this last seems to be contradicted when Frey uses RIIYA to block an onslaught of SURA, the rings of power surrounding Frey and Nyozeka may be the shape formed by RIIYA. (Ch. 19) Similarly, when JATA had sealed her voice, Alice summons the power of RIIYA to hold back her attacker, Kazuki. (Ch. 27) | Return to Index


{4th Word of Lotis}

Known Wielders: Frey, Kyou Frey destroying the black-ooze
Kyou must fight a friend

Particularly powerful, IRU is the first Elemental Lotis word introduced, and naturally, Frey is the first to wield it. He uses it partly to destroy the black-ooze Mara in Alice's mother's heart, but largely to impress his young comrades. (Ch. 6) Later on, Kyou must learn under pressure, when his best friend Kazuki seeks his blood, for the sake of Mayura's tainted honor. (Ch. 28) | Return to Index

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