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[VINA] {Rejection}
[SAMA] {Path}
[JIVA] {Cure}
[RUTA] {Endurance}


{15th Word of Maram}

Known Wielders: Kid-Alice Mara
Counter-Word: RUTA
Mayura's accursed room resists Frey's advances
Alice is denied her father's touch

Desperate to find Papa Seno and track down the fiendishly mysterious Mayura, Alice and friends foolishly approach a door guarded by VINA. Mayura's Maram-laden door-trap proves too great an obstacle for Frey's BUIMUKU, forcing the fearless foursome to scour the Seno house for another way into Papa's Inner Heart. Later, on her own in Mayura's eerie "Hide-and-Seek" dreamworld, Alice is forcibly separated from her dazed father by the power of VINA. Through persevering in the face of her father's brusque demeanor and the vicious tentacles of the Kid-Alice Mara, Alice manages to finally break the spell using RUTA. | Return to Index


{22nd Word of Lotis}

Known Wielders: Frey Frey tries to bridge the gap

Caught in a wasted landscape of teetering pillars and disjointed fragments of reality, Frey tries to use SAMA to make a bridge from one platform to the next. The Inner Heart of Alice's father is very particular about whose Lotis powers will work, however, and Frey's glittering SAMA-bridge fizzles out like a busted lightbulb. | Return to Index


{14th Word of Lotis}

Known Wielders: Frey, Chris Frey's "medicine" can't cope
Frey and Kyou clean house
Christopher summons a healing sprite for Alice

Faced with a "Disease Demon", a bony-legged Mara that spouts poison gas, Frey does his best to keep the poison at bay with JIVA and his RIIYA-enhanced earring, with only limited success. Succumbing to the noxious fumes, Kyou and Frey are nearly at wit's end, when a desperate cry from Alice pulls the daring duo back from the brink. Kyou shuts the beastie's toothy mouth using RUTA, and Frey finally vaporizes the critter with JIVA. Bouncy as ever, Frey gives Kyou head-noogies, and a friendly boost of JIVA to clear away the lingering effects of the poison. (Ch. 14) Later, after the downtown brawl with Mayura, Christopher, the Neo-Master from Britain, uses a JIVA-wrapped healing sprite to repair Alice's battle-damage. (Ch. 22) | Return to Index


{11th Word of Lotis}

Known Wielders: Kyou, Alice Kyou gets his second wind
Alice lays claim to her dad
The Bolt of RUTA

Found only at the end of battle, when the situation seems bleakest, RUTA is a Lotis word of desperate resilience in the face of adversity. Kyou uses it while faltering under the influence of the Disease Demon in Papa Seno's Inner Heart. His ever-present arrow is enhanced by RUTA as he strikes the creature's gaping maw. Alice uses it shortly thereafter, in her own struggle against the malevolent puppet-Mara made up to look like herself as a child. Dangling precariously from a cliff face, Alice refuses to give up her father's soul and pulverizes the bamboo puppet with RUTA. Frey seems very proud of the pair for coming up with this word, which highlights the "Seeker" status of Kyou and Alice as new Lotis Masters. (Ch. 14) Upon accepting the Mirror of Lotis, Kyou fires a powerful RUTA-Bolt at Mayura's intensely shielded high-rise fortress. (Ch. 21) | Return to Index

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